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Artist, anxious person. I draw things that might help. / I can be found on twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr, and mastodon as...

"Your Best Is Enough" Sunset Cat Coasters $13.78
"You Are Capable" Hedgehog Acrylic Block $24.99
"It Will Be Okay" Puppy Travel Mug $24.99
"The Part Where You're a Badass" Galaxy Caribou Throw Pillow $20.79
"Strong Enough" Cat Tote Bag $19.99
"Hold on to Your Weird" Rainbow Slothicorn Acrylic Block $24.99
"You Are Doing Enough" Cat Canvas Print $47.99
Let's Get You Mentally Healthy: Mindfulness 101 Bunny Comic Metal Print $58.00
"Progress is Still Progress" Galaxy Seal Acrylic Block $24.99
"You Need to Give Yourself Time to Heal" Galaxy Pup Hardcover Journal $20.29
"You Won't Be Defeated Now" Fennec Fox Canvas Print $47.99
"You're Amazing" Summer Leaves Gecko Poster $12.35
"Every Day You're Leveling Up" Flying Space Squirrel Hardcover Journal $20.29
Anxiety Encouragement Galaxy Cat Hardcover Journal $20.29
"You Are Made of Star Stuff" Canvas Print $47.99
"You're Managing as Best as You Can" Tiger Classic Mug $15.59
"You Don't Have to Be Perfect To Be Lovable" Red Panda Laptop Sleeve $35.48
"Your Struggle is Not an Indication of Failure" Galaxy Sparkle Owl Spiral Notebook $12.49
"You Are Doing Better Than You Feel Like You Are" Otter Poster $12.35
"It's Okay to Be Scared" Night Snow Rabbit Travel Mug $24.99
Forward is Forward Turtle Photographic Print $6.59
"You're Judging Yourself Too Harshly" Orca Whale Photographic Print $6.59
"Anxiety Lies" Sparkle Pup Throw Pillow $20.79
"No Beating Yourself Up Anymore" Pastel Rainbow Doggo Poster $12.35
"Feeling Worried Doesn't Mean Anything Bad Is Going to Happen" Galaxy Red Panda Acrylic Block $24.99
"You Matter" Cat Throw Pillow $20.79
"HEY. You Matter. Thanks for Existing." Sunset Meerkat Acrylic Block $24.99
"You Will Defeat This Shit" Black Cat Hardcover Journal $20.29
"You're A Blueberry Fairy Princess" Galaxy Cat Spiral Notebook $12.49
Galaxy Sparkle Fawn Hardcover Journal $20.29
"You can do the thing!" Pup Dog Spiral Notebook $12.49
"Your Empathy and Kindness Are Their Own Forms of Magic" Witch Canvas Print $47.99
"Trying Your Best is All That Matters" Galaxy Cuttlefish Hardcover Journal $20.29
"No One Knows What They're Doing" Shiba Classic Mug $15.59
"You Will Rise Above the Ashes" Phoenix Travel Mug $24.99
"Stay Soft" Polar Bear Chiffon Top $27.94
"You Are Strong Enough" Unicorn Metal Print $58.00
"Self-Care the Shit Out of Life" Starry Tabby Cat Spiral Notebook $12.49
"You Are Worth Taking Care of" Red Panda Hardcover Journal $20.29
"You've Been Doing a Great Job" Sunrise Stoat Case/Skin for Samsung Galaxy $14.99
"A Bad Day Doesn't Mean a Bad Life" Peachy Sky Cat Art Board Print $13.99
"Whatever You Manage to Do" Pup Poster $12.35
"F**king Delightful" Cat Poster $12.35
"Focus on Trying" River Otter Art Board Print $8.99
"YOU GOT THIS" Bunny Comic Classic Mug $15.59
"You're Going to Get Through This Just Fine" Axolotl Classic Mug $15.59
"You Can Survive Anything" Tree Case/Skin for Samsung Galaxy $14.99
"The Horrible Feeling Never Lasts" Night Sky Cat Art Board Print $8.99
"You're strong, smart and you got this!" Snuggly Kitty Greeting Card $3.83
"Hurt is not the Same as Hopeless" Golden Glowing Kittens Classic Mug $15.59
"You Deserve to Rest" Otter Sticker $2.99
"The Only Person You Should Try to Be" Galaxy Manta Ray Spiral Notebook $12.49
Cosmic Crow Throw Pillow $20.79
"Badass Ever Onwards" Pegasus Graphic T-Shirt $27.47
"It's okay to float along" Colorful Sea Turtle Spiral Notebook $12.49
YOU ARE ENOUGH Magical Maine Coon Cat Hardcover Journal $20.29
"Today Kinda Sucks But You Don't" Fox Canvas Print $47.99
"Let's Just Deal With Today" Blue Sky Chinchilla Chiffon Top $27.94
"Every Time You Thought Life Would Defeat You" Rainbow Sky Sand Cat Travel Mug $24.99
"The Negative Voice is Just Another Asshole" Galaxy Peacock Poster $12.35
"Depression Lies" Galaxy Bat Canvas Print $47.99
"Every Step Forward Matters" Ocean View Sunset Cat Poster $12.35
"We May Have Cracks" Pumpkin Gargoyle Chiffon Top $27.94
"Good Rest is Just as Important as Hard Work" Rainbow Tiger Spiral Notebook $12.49
"It's Okay to Just Be" Cosmic Jellyfish Poster $12.35
"It's Okay to Feel Lost" Jackalope Tall Mug $15.59
"You Are Too Strong to Break" Night Sky Deer Classic Mug $15.59
"You Can Always Afford to be a bit Kinder to Yourself" Rainbow Cat Poster $12.35
Your Weirdness is Wonderful Sticker $2.99
"Act From Love Rather Than From Fear" Fire Ocelot Acrylic Block $24.99
"You're doing well. Keep going." Fox Hardcover Journal $20.29
"You're Actually Pretty F***ing Great" Rainbow T-Rex Acrylic Block $24.99
"Just Try to Stay Calm" Rainbow Ferret Spiral Notebook $12.49
"You Will Survive This" Fire Galaxy Maned Wolf Canvas Print $47.99
"You are Not a Burden. We are Lucky to Have You" Sunset Squirrel Canvas Print $47.99
"You Have Survived EVERY DAY" Gryphon Tall Mug $15.59
"Work Out Fine" Shepherd Classic Mug $15.59
"You Will Make It Through" Night Sky Owl Photographic Print $6.59
"You Aren't 'Too Much' of Anything" Dog Throw Pillow $20.79
"Every Step Forward is Progress" Sunset Deer Classic Mug $15.59
"New Day" Bird Travel Mug $24.99
"You Are Worthy of Kindness and Care" Space Kitty Classic Mug $15.59
"You're Not Going to Succeed at Everything You Try" Cat Sticker $2.99
"The World is Better Because Your Kindness is in it." Encouraging Wolf Tall Mug $15.59
"I am My Own Kind of Beautiful" Platypus Acrylic Block $24.99
"You Handle Today" Encouraging Pink Barn Owl Spiral Notebook $12.49
"You Don't Have to Face You Whole Life Right Now" Rainbow Unicorn Poster $12.35
"You're Safe,  You're Okay" Pastel Lion Spiral Notebook $12.49
"Don't Give Up" Encouraging Arctic Fox Sticker $2.99
"The Past Can't Be Changed" Galaxy Pup Poster $12.35
"No Hardship Lasts Forever" Rainbow Dragon Throw Pillow $20.79
I am Overwhelmed Cat Poster $12.35
"Just Because You Can't Find Your Happiness" Galaxy Reindeer Acrylic Block $24.99
Everyone Grows at Their Own Rate Poster $12.35
"I Sure as Hell am Going to Try" Sunrise Bunny Travel Mug $24.99
"There is No Part of You That is Weak" Galaxy Raven Graphic T-Shirt $27.47
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