Lawrence Alfred Powell

Avondale, Auckland, New Zealand

Eco-surrealist artist & poet, presently living in New Zealand. Have also lived/worked in Jamaica and the USA. The new...

Return to the Original Mind  Greeting Card $3.87
Victrola hillside  Greeting Card $3.87
Universe becoming conscious of itself  Postcards $3.01
Clock and escaped fish Canvas Print $63.00
And when he awoke, Gregor discovered to his horror that he'd become a Republican Women's Fitted T-Shirt $22.58
Eye dolphins dancing on Ganymede ocean (original version)  Scarf $27.63
Cleansing the visions  Case/Skin for Samsung Galaxy $15.94
World outside  Travel Mug $26.56
Magritte sailing phantom clocks on desert  Tall Mug $16.58
Faces of the space-time mirage  Mug $16.58
Light of loving kindness  Throw Pillow $22.11
Extinction by greed  Laptop Skin $26.56
Lost in thought  Lightweight Hoodie $47.81
Eye dolphins dancing on Ganymede ocean  Wall Tapestry $32.83
Nonexistent opportunities for advancement  Lightweight Sweatshirt $40.38
Corporate loan sharks encircling family dream  Wall Tapestry $32.83
Narcissist's bedroom  Case/Skin for Samsung Galaxy $15.94
Cumulus cathedral  iPad Case/Skin $47.81
Sunset over Xanadu  iPhone Case $15.94
The 'cleansing' of East Ukraine  Duvet Cover $91.38
Absurdly watching nature programs on TV   Framed Print $85.00
Bartok string quartet on mountain of eyes  Laptop Sleeve $37.72
Kneel before the infinite mind  Laptop Sleeve $37.72
Amelia Earhart touches down 77 yrs later at Moroccan easter egg hunt Postcards $3.01
Nature immersion  Metal Print $76.13
Time and sky apples  Postcards $3.01
Emptiness of the separate self  Metal Print $76.13
Morality sleeps, amid endless commercial distractions Canvas Print $63.00
Spirit of the trains  Postcards $3.01
After the Oil Wars  Laptop Sleeve $37.72
Missing Magritte  Postcards $3.01
Everywhere eye of the empire of materialism  Framed Print $105.01
Delusions of glamour and persecution  Canvas Print $63.00
Inverse aquarium  Laptop Skin $26.56
The circle feast  Postcards $3.01
Falling out of a dream  Framed Print $105.01
The vision harvest  Laptop Skin $26.56
Room with lashes and oversized apples  Laptop Skin $26.56
Spirit of the fields  Studio Pouch $12.75
A sacred river in Xanadu  Tote Bag $21.25
Awakening from illusion  Framed Print $105.01
Magritte's posthumous desert voyage   Art Print $26.26
Constructing dreams  Laptop Sleeve $37.72
On wings of time  Canvas Print $63.00
Crucified visions  Poster $16.22
Lost meaning  Metal Print $76.13
The radiance of Life  Greeting Card $3.87
A desert vision  Laptop Sleeve $37.72
Quantum metamorphic transport in the City of Light Photographic Print $8.66
Limitations of the senses  Laptop Sleeve $37.72
Roots in the sacred Earth  Photographic Print $8.66
Subconscious river (II) Laptop Sleeve $37.72
Room with a view  Framed Print $105.01
Window of the senses  Art Print $26.26
Schizoid man contemplating moon  Canvas Print $63.00
Emerald crystal orbs sleeping in moonlight  Postcards $3.01
The end of history (III)  Greeting Card $3.87
Primeval innocence  Tote Bag $21.25
Hope after the greed wars  Tote Bag $21.25
Branches of the Infinite Mind  Framed Print $105.01
Where time grows  Photographic Print $8.66
Moment in the pasture  Photographic Print $8.66
Infinity aware of itself  Studio Pouch $12.75
Free energy future  Postcards $3.01
Impressions of a lunch at the office  Framed Print $105.01
Daughters of Earth  Postcards $3.01
Our lofty conversation at the sky cafe  Art Print $21.25
Eleven-dimensional hyperspace dream Greeting Card $3.87
Factory at dusk Photographic Print $8.66
Green oceans  Art Print $26.26
View from my office  Laptop Sleeve $37.72
The 'redundancies'  Laptop Sleeve $37.72
The Illuminati  Framed Print $105.01
Wandering lost in fields of glamour Photographic Print $8.66
Regretting the past Framed Print $105.01
Hydrocarbon landscape   Poster $16.22
Slaughterhouse karma  Photographic Print $8.66
Genealogy of Earth  Metal Print $76.13
The mirage  Metal Print $76.13
Merging with time Framed Print $105.01
Udder madness  Tote Bag $21.25
They worship hollow techno-gods  Postcards $3.01
Primordial dreams  Tote Bag $21.25
Trees dancing through the centuries  Studio Pouch $12.75
The sleepwalkers  Studio Pouch $12.75
Airborne kettles in moonlight  Art Print $26.26
A deeper self Laptop Sleeve $37.72
The Quantum Age  Laptop Skin $26.56
Reimagined possibility Throw Pillow $22.11
The I that C's Throw Pillow $22.11
Bathing in sacred visions  Laptop Sleeve $37.72
Closely monitored internet expression  Throw Pillow $22.11
Empire of compassion (III) Laptop Sleeve $37.72
Inescapable interconnections Laptop Sleeve $37.72
The shadow Laptop Sleeve $37.72
Evolutionary symphony of raindrops, in all keys at once Laptop Skin $26.56
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