Daniel Cadieux

Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa, Canada based wildlife photographer. Also visit www.dancadphotography.com for more images!

Roseate Spoonbill wingflap - Tampa Bay, Florida. Framed Print $100.01
Luna Moth close-up..."The Stare" Framed Print $100.01
Silhouetted Great Blue Heron hunting. Framed Print $100.01
Red Fox, Algonquin Park, Canada. Art Print $27.50
Incoming Snow Goose Throw Pillow $25.01
Tricolored Heron hunting behaviour Poster $15.00
Leap Day Northern Saw-whet Owl. Tote Bag $25.01
Northern Flying Squirrel in Habitat. Poster $15.00
White-rumped Sandpiper. Photographic Print $8.25
White-winged Crossbill. Greeting Card $3.00
Red-eyed Vireo. Photographic Print $8.25
Hermit Thrush perching pretty Greeting Card $3.00
Luna Moth spreads his wings Greeting Card $3.00
Snow Bunting Squabble. Greeting Card $3.00
Spring Peeper Chin-ups. Greeting Card $3.00
Red-breasted Nuthatch Greeting Card $3.00
Winter Light Rays - Ottawa, Canada. Greeting Card $3.00
Great-crested Flycatcher Mid-air Food Exchange. Greeting Card $3.00
Dragon for Dinner - Great Crested Flycatcher. Greeting Card $3.00
Sandhill Crane Calling During Sunset. Greeting Card $3.00
Ring-billed Gull Blast-off Pan-blur. Greeting Card $3.00
Pollen-covered Bee On Crocus Petal. Poster $15.00
Cold resistant Common Redpoll Poster $15.00
Wood Duck fly-by - Ottawa, Canada. Throw Pillow $25.01
Burrowing Owls - Cape Coral, Florida Throw Pillow $25.01
Whitetail Deer and Twin Fawns Poster $15.00
Bufflehead Running on Water. Poster $15.00
Northern Saw-whet Owl Perching Pretty. Poster $15.00
Ring-billed Gull Silhouette. Poster $15.00
American Toad Crossing the Road. Poster $15.00
White-throated Sparrow in full song! Poster $15.00
Gluttonous Bohemian Waxwing. Poster $15.00
Baby Snapping Turtle close-up. Poster $15.00
Burrowing Owl looking unimpressed. Poster $15.00
Bonaparte's departs. Poster $15.00
Bohemian Waxwing Poster $15.00
Brown Pelican showing the size of missed fish - Fort Myers, Florida. Poster $15.00
Strutting juvenile Semipalmated Plover. Poster $15.00
Roseate Spoonbill - Tampa Bay, Florida Poster $15.00
Purple Finch with Blooming Crabapple Backdrop. Poster $15.00
Another Autumn Greater Yellowlegs. Poster $15.00
Northern Saw-whet Owl's look-back pose. Poster $15.00
Bullfrog and water vibrations. Poster $15.00
Great Egret in breeding colours. Poster $15.00
White Ibis Carrying Nesting Material. Poster $15.00
Blushing Bandit - Bohemian Waxwing. Poster $15.00
Lesser Yellowlegs at Sunrise... Poster $15.00
White-rumped Sandpiper Feeding. Poster $15.00
Northern Hawk-Owl. Art Print $27.50
Sandhill Crane Silhouette. Poster $15.00
The Caped Crusader - Great Gray Owl. Poster $15.00
Great Gray Owl. Poster $15.00
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker has been busy!! Poster $15.00
Autumn Greater Yellowlegs Poster $15.00
Great Gray Owl Moving In... Poster $15.00
Ring-billed Gull wingflap silhouette. Poster $15.00
Vole Population Control. Poster $15.00
Least Sandpiper (juvenile) Poster $15.00
Pine Grosbeak. Poster $15.00
Hermit Thrush enjoying a light snowfall. Poster $15.00
Snuggling Baby Northern Flying Squirrels. Poster $15.00
Butterfly Breakfast for a Great Crested Flycatcher. Poster $15.00
Pectoral Sandpiper (juvenile) Poster $15.00
Double trouble Tree Swallows. Poster $15.00
Blue Jay Poster $15.00
Tree Swallow in High-key Poster $15.00
Ring-necked Duck (male). Poster $15.00
Indigo Bunting Singing the Blues. Poster $15.00
Lesser Scaup in Fresh Breeding Plumage Poster $15.00
Shrew emerging from snow. Poster $15.00
Common Redpoll on frosted branch. Poster $15.00
Roadside American Pipit. Poster $15.00
Red-breasted Nuthatch Poster $15.00
Laughing Gull Catching Pipefish. Poster $15.00
Great Blue Heron Hunts for Prey. Poster $15.00
Male Eastern Bluebird on Mullein. Poster $15.00
Indigo Bunting...Not Feeling Blue! Poster $15.00
Great Horned Owl Fledgling Stretch. Poster $15.00
Semipalmated Plover and a Beach Flower. Poster $15.00
Baby Great Crested Flycatchers make a cameo appearance. Poster $15.00
Red-winged Blackbird silhouette on water canvas. Poster $15.00
Bohemian Waxwing Berry Grabbing Closeup. Poster $15.00
Nice Guys Finish Last - Royal Terns Poster $15.00
High-key Red-necked Phalarope. Poster $15.00
Low Angle Sanderling Foraging. Poster $15.00
Purple Finch - a first for me! Throw Pillow $25.01
Ring-billed Gull curtain call. Art Print $27.50
Project: Eavestrough Icicles. Poster $15.00
Purple Martin and Dragon. Poster $15.00
Black-crowned Night-Heron Silhouette Take-off. Poster $15.00
Wedding Day Bouquet Dahlia. Poster $15.00
Tulip Spiralling Up Under Control. Poster $15.00
A Frog's Demise... Poster $15.00
Red-necked Phalarope wing flap. Poster $15.00
White-crowned Sparrow posing pretty. Poster $15.00
Approaching Northern Hawk-Owl Art Print $27.50
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