Carbon Neutral Creativity

We’ve partnered with renewable energy specialists 3Degrees to invest in programs that help the environment, offsetting the carbon emissions from shipping Redbubble products.

We’re funding reforestation in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley and a cookstove replacement program in India. Two incredible programs that’ll generate offsets equal to:

Growing 41,667 trees for 10 years

Taking 531 cars off the road for one year

Not using 5,788 barrels of oil

We work hard to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. Our fulfillment partners make products on-demand so there are no warehouses full of unsold Redbubble stuff and 95% of the fulfillers we work with are in the same region as the customers who ordered products.

If we didn’t take these steps, our footprint would be six times greater. But we could do more to make sure our process is 100% carbon neutral. That’s why we’re investing in these inspiring projects:

The Breathing Space Improved Cookstove Programme


Cooking is responsible for 90% of household emissions due to the inefficient stoves. This domestic energy efficiency project replaces old cooking stoves in Indian homes that not only decrease greenhouse gas emissions, but also have really wonderful co-benefits on the health of women and children in the households.

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GreenTrees Forestry


The Mississippi Alluvial Valley has been called North America’s Amazon. This project works with local farmers to convert marginal cropland back into forests. To date, they have planted over 30 million trees on 120,000 acres in partnership with 500 landowners.

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