Redbubble and Major Global Incidents

Mountain Garden by Tomáš Hudolin

Redbubble is an open marketplace. This means anyone can upload any artwork, design, or form of creative expression they wish. The result is a continuous, endless well of works covering almost every topic and theme imaginable. Things people find funny, sad, meaningful, timely, beautiful, disturbing, personal, and everything in between. Redbubble is a true reflection of what the world thinks and feels, right up to the very minute.

On the unfortunate occasion that there is a tragedy (man-made or natural), some artists respond by creating work that pays tribute to or comments on the event. Should this event meet certain criteria, all Redbubble profits from related works will be donated to charity. Some recent examples are the Paris attacks in 2016, the Las Vegas shooting in 2017, and the Humboldt Broncos accident in 2018.

We stand for artistic expression in all forms. As long as the produced work does not violate our community guidelines and/or IP/Publicity Rights Policy , we are proud to give creative people a platform to speak and be heard. It’s our mission to bring more creativity into the world. And we believe in that mission very deeply.