At Redbubble, we believe in the power of creativity.
And how a simple idea can help open our hearts and minds.

That’s why we launched #CreateSomeGood.

We funded 5 projects by 6 artists from 4 countries. All with a single goal.
Use creativity to make the world a little better.

See the Projects

Watch the José Manuel Ríos Valiente video

José Manuel Ríos Valiente
“Being Positive”
Seville, Spain

An hour-long documentary that aims to reduce the stigma surrounding HIV. Watch it here.

Watch the Andrea Ilon Joós video

Andrea Ilon Joós
“Anatomy with Love Colouring Book”
Budapest, Hungary

A coloring book featuring illustrations of hearts for recovering cardiac patients. Find it here.

Watch the Christine Ren video

Christine Ren
“Protect What’s Precious”
California, USA

Underwater photos of humans facing the same threats that endanger aquatic life. See them here.

Watch the Lexi & Zeltzin video

Lexi & Zeltzin
“The Be Event”
New York, USA
@bb.lue / @zeltzinx

An art show featuring works by young, urban artists in Brooklyn, New York. See more here.

Watch the Arzoo Naqvi video

Arzoo Naqvi
“The Happiness Workbook”
Mumbai, India

Workbooks full of positive mental health inspiration to help people feel good about themselves. About Arzoo.

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