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Magnets: how do they work? Nobody's really sure. But we can tell you a little bit about how these magnets work. First, independent artists create original designs that you won't find anywhere else. Then artists sell those designs on the Redbubble marketplace so you can find the perfect Retro novelty magnet of your dreams. When you place your order, that crazy little magnet is printed in vibrant color on flexible vinyl, die-cut to the shape of the artwork. The artist gets paid real money, and you get a head-turningly unusual refrigerator magnet. Or the most original locker decor in your school corridor. Or a kooky conversation-starter at the office. Or a unique gift for anybody to liven up a blank magnetic surface. Just stick it on and revel in the mystery. You don't have to know the gaseous composition of the sun to enjoy a sunset, do you?