BREAKING NEWS--this just from the surface of the comet! iPhone Case/Skin $25.00
Cut….CUT!!! You’re auditioning for the part of PLATO!!!!! iPhone Case/Skin $25.00
They searched for ingredients to make an apple pie, but their efforts proved fruitless iPhone Case/Skin $25.00
Band on the run...... T-Shirt $19.50
I know we agreed to try to free everyone but if we spring Aleek I'm afraid there'll be trouble. iPhone Case/Skin $25.00
I know you have great expectations Matt, but I really think you’ve set the bar too high! iPhone Case/Skin $25.00, it doesn't!! iPhone Case/Skin $25.00
But Your Honor he's guilty as heck!  I can't believe you're just going to let him skate!! Poster $12.00
I know you always avoid conflict, but seriously, we really should address the elephant in the room. Poster $12.00
Relationship advice:  When asked 'What should I do with these week-old buns?', the answer should not be 'try deep knee bends'! Poster $12.00
Ed experienced the serendipity of timing  when he ran across a babbling Brooke. Poster $12.00
You just can't avoid them!  Even in the mountains Dick encounters road hogs! Poster $12.00
Look, Wes... I just don’t think ‘We have a sterling reputation’ is a great slogan for your new store! Poster $12.00
Stop looking so smug---I’m pretty sure he wasn’t flirting when he said you have acute hearing loss! Poster $12.00
To dispel the idea I never listen to’s that mammory foam mattress you wanted. Poster $12.00
Damnit Flora, you never listen!!  Amsterdam!!  I said I wanted to go to AMSTERDAM!!!! Poster $12.00
It’s a beautiful truck, Mr. Camel, but you might want to rethink the name of the business. Poster $12.00
The captain had no idea that panic would ensue when he said, ‘I can’t talk now--I’m synching.” Poster $12.00
Pulled Pork Poster $12.00
Let me get this straight—I’m only required to dye 4 eggs a day? My job really is ‘to die for’!! Poster $12.00
The dancing was uninterrupted until the policeman yelled, ‘Stop—you’re under a rest’! Poster $12.00
Gala and Ramon decide to have a surreal lunch at the deli. Poster $12.00
OK, we obviously need to work on what should happen when I say, “drum roll, please”! Poster $12.00
A poor business name and slogan practically guaranteed the quick demise of the new store. Poster $12.00
English is a difficult language!  Here are some examples of dipthongs:  car, balloon, cow, Delbert's. Poster $12.00
Yeah, I'm puzzled too!  This entire area was all lawn yesterday! Poster $12.00
Paddy gives Liz a cubic zirconia engagement ring….the ultimate sham rock! Poster $12.00
That hoity toity waiter said parsley would cleanse my pallet…I wonder how much I’ll need? Poster $12.00
The four friends always enjoyed listening to the rimes of the ancient marinara. Poster $12.00
Everyone’s overboard! Ted realizes ‘There’s a huge leek in the ship’ was the wrong thing to say. Poster $12.00
I saw the Academy Awards, and think the Oscar for Best Original Score should have gone to Adam. Poster $12.00
Joe, you said we were getting a horse drawn carriage----what was I supposed to think? Poster $12.00
As far as I know, Dorothy is the first and only female Sumo rustler. Poster $12.00
Achilles discovers his true destiny. Poster $12.00
The Botox didn’t work so Sarah returns to the clinic for a new treatment for her crows feet. Poster $12.00
I’m sorry Alexander, but it looks like the IRS has started to garnish your wages. Poster $12.00
Definitely dated but not quite as important..... Ted and Ruth discover the ancient Mayan colander. Poster $12.00
Reluctant to pick up the hitchhiker, Lance shouts, “I can’t stop now, I’m on a roll” Poster $12.00
In order to prepare for the Olympics, Bryon must practice skiing the moguls.  Poster $12.00
Barry hates when Maggie sends him to the store with a non-specific list! Poster $12.00
Sylvia, you simply MUST stop referring to our photo group as a flash mob!! Poster $12.00
His invention to replace the Magic 8-ball was a failure. The only answer it would give--I’m a frayed knot. Poster $12.00
Clarence hates winter ....he's always being called out to clear the ice jams! Poster $12.00
Winston is finally able to capture proof-positive that nature truly does abhor a vacuum. Poster $12.00
Run for your's an ambush!!!!!! Throw Pillow $20.00
No, Francesca!  What I said was I'm a gonna need you to help me cast da nets!! Art Print $22.00
Santa hated the off-season, when it was Mrs. Claus’ turn to shout ‘Hoe hoe hoe!’ Poster $12.00
Wait, what’s this? You said we were going to do a rap gig for a couple of hours!! Poster $12.00
It’s a trick…run!!!!  When he said ‘turkey wraps’, he wasn’t getting coats for us!!!! Poster $12.00
Black Fryday never really achieved success in the food sector. Poster $12.00
NO, NO, NO,'s "may the FORCE be with you"!!! Poster $12.00
The TURKISH towel, Harry!  I said hand me the Turkish towel!! Poster $12.00
You've been bugging me for years about wanting to see Camelot......well, here ya go!! Poster $12.00
I guess I’ll to have to break off my relationship with Rick…he’s just not working out for me. Poster $12.00
It was a complete misunderstanding on their first date when Ike offered to show Paula his junk Poster $12.00
Well  Sally, what did you THINK I meant when I asked if you wanted to go curling???? Poster $12.00
Ernesto is going to be so pleased when he discovers I've laundered the money for him!! Poster $12.00
I believe your event is called the standing broad jump, Edna; I think you’ll do great! Poster $12.00
Oops!!!! My bad----I thought you said light saber!! Poster $12.00
If you want to become a detective Sally, you’ve got to stop referring to this as Facebook! Poster $12.00 really DO have writer's block!! Poster $12.00
I'm guessing the nurse didn't give you instructions beyond, 'bring in a stool sample'. Poster $12.00
Decisions, decisions.......should I get down or should I get funky?? Poster $12.00
Every time I head back to the office, I just can’t shake the feeling that I’m being followed. Poster $12.00
I know you wanted a board game for your birthday but you know what they say….better safe than sorry! Poster $12.00
I know the coach said, ‘nickel defense’ but I’m pretty sure this isn’t what he meant!! Poster $12.00
Why do I always get the new recruits?  People..PEOPLE….I said work on a new FUSELAGE!!!!   Poster $12.00
I did say lap dance, Mildred, but it’s not what you think!! T-Shirt $19.50
This damn hearing aid….I thought you said our relationship was going to be INTENSE!! Poster $12.00
On Mr. Kesey’s first glider ride he felt there was a story to be told, as Juan flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest Poster $12.00
It’s Visa……they’re not one of your fans but they ARE calling about your outstanding balance. Poster $12.00
Rich’s gift is from the heart but he still doesn’t understand the finer points of shopping the sales. Poster $12.00
Pierre’s accent may have caused her some confusion…this was definitely not 24 hours at Le Mans!! Poster $12.00
The hat, cape and wand do not make you a magician Thomas, and you have NOT discovered Instagram! Poster $12.00
For goodness sake, Curly!!  What I said was "Try to look sexy to attract her!!" Poster $12.00
When the bus driver yelled out, ‘time to get loaded’ Dudley completely misunderstood. Poster $12.00
Fran isn’t sure their relationship stands a chance-their first date turned out to be a real soap opera. Poster $12.00
It's all fun and games until someone loses an I ..... Poster $12.00
His self-description, "a man of many layers" may not bring the intended results.   Poster $12.00
You said you’d never leave--you’re such a ……..well, I guess that goes without saying! Poster $12.00
Let's get the Brazilian....I hear it's her speciality! Poster $12.00
Cap, the lesser known Pacino brother, decides not to follow Al into acting. Poster $12.00
Fred is a little leery about the arrival of the boarder collie. Poster $12.00
As improbable as it sounds I’ve heard this is a hangover cure--I’m going to buy one and find out! Poster $12.00
I know you’re excited about the costume ball, but I think you’re getting ahead of yourself!! Poster $12.00
Yep, you’re order is all ready. Wait…..WHAT????? Did you say EASTER?????? Poster $12.00
The shadier side of St. Patrick's Day----Erin go braghless Poster $12.00
There was obvious confusion when Terry suggested to Sandy that she test the water. Poster $12.00
Whadda ya mean you want to go back…..can’t you read the sign????  It says ‘No Ewe Turn” ! Poster $12.00
Big deal-you forgot your anniversary!  Give her this sponge cake and everything will be fine! Poster $12.00
Really, Randy…..carnivalous?  I could have sworn he said we were carnivorous!! Poster $12.00
Just as I suspected……looks like you’ve got a sty in your eye! Poster $12.00
Although I’m familiar with the breed,  Larry, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen this variety! Poster $12.00
But Jimmy….you said you wanted more bang for your buck!! Poster $12.00
No contest here, folks!  David was good but Kat’s performance was off the hook!! Poster $12.00
Bert can’t believe he got such a great deal on ebay for this herd of Belted Galloways! Poster $12.00
They've gotten a really bad reputation.....and now we see the reason why! Poster $12.00
Go figure……it’s just like Rick to kick you when you’re down! Poster $12.00
By golly Morse, bring that machine over here….I think it’s some sort of code!! Poster $12.00
Jeremy has been eating his TV dinners right from the freezer but has decided to quit cold turkey. Poster $12.00
Bobby finally understands the meaning of the phrase,  ‘a real pear to draw two’!! Poster $12.00
Fleece Navidad Poster $12.00
It’s his first day on the job, and Gil was told to make one duck call.  It may be his last day!! Poster $12.00
After leaving his earth sculpture in the garden overnight, Wes finds undisputed evidence of global worming. Poster $12.00
Mr. Cliff!! .. Mr. Cliff! .. Fiskel…over here!!  Why do you think you’re getting  that hate mail?? Poster $12.00
Again, Bob?  Seriously??  Just once, this little piggy’d love to have lasagna!! Poster $12.00
I object!  How is my client supposed to get a fair trial….this is nothing but a kangaroo court!!! Poster $12.00
Well  Sally, what did you THINK I meant when I asked if you wanted to go curling???? Poster $12.00
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