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The Joyful Coptic Madonna and the Child . Hippie style. Be sure to wear flowers in your hair . God bless artists . Amen. Views: 640 *Featured Work in Painters Universe  Art Print
God Save America ! U.S. present impact  . Culture & Civilisation .   Cat. Stevens Wild World. Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair.  Views: 625 . De gustibus non est disputandum . Greeting Card
Yellow art. by Brown Sugar. was featured in A Place To Call Home !  BRINKS JOY TO ME !  Buy what you like!  Thx!  Views 86 Thx! Poster
Wiener Secession Ver Sacrum . by Doctor Faustus . BRINKS JOY TO ME ! Buy what you like!  by Doctor Faustus .  Featured in ♥ Artists Universe ♥. Views: 714. Greeting Card