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African Art For Sale Backpacks

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High-quality African Art For Sale backpacks designed and sold by independent artists.

Until backpacks came along, we only used half of our bodies: the front half. Then some unknown genius figured out that if you strap a bag onto your back, you double your toting capacity, and leave your hands free to get work done. Brilliant.

Now some more geniuses (the independent artists on Redbubble) are creating and selling original designs to elevate the humble backpack from workhorse to showhorse. Whether you need a cute, fashionable daypack for your next travel adventure, or a cool rucksack to go from the office to the gym, these spacious backpacks include adjustable padded shoulder straps, an internal laptop pocket, and an exterior mesh side pocket. And speaking of pockets, every backpack you buy puts money in an artist's pocket.

With thousands of unique designs to choose from, printed for you when you order, your backpack helps you express your personality no matter which direction you’re pointing. It's like having a face on your back, but a lot less weird and gross.