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Isabella Plantation, London by zuluspice
Isabella Plantation, London Graphic T-Shirt Front
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  • Front panel is edge-to-edge custom printed just for you
  • Sublimation transfer technique prints crisp, bold colors
  • Note that due to the production process, the placement of the print may vary slightly from the preview
  • Printed front panel is 96% polyester, 4% spandex. Solid color back panel, sleeves and neck bind are 100% cotton
  • Graphic T-shirts feature your chosen design, by an independent artist
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Isabella Plantation, London
Designed by Ludwig Wagner
photograph of the Rhododendron display starting in Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park, London, United Kingdom by Ludwig Wagner iPhone5S _FEATURED_ in *Country Gardens Come Grow with Us* 7th May 2014 _FEATURED_ in *As Is Photography* 8th May 2014 _FEATURED_ in *Photography at its Finest* 9th May 2014 _FEATURED_ in *Peace Love & Tranquility* 11th May 2014 _FEATURED_ in *European Everyday Life* 20th May 2014 _FEATURED_ in *European Everyday Life* 23rd May 2014 _FEATURED_ in *Zingers* 26th May 2014 _FEATURED_ in *Northern Landscape* 28th May 2014 _FEATURED_ in *Pretty in Pink* 31st January 2015 _FEATURED_ in *All Glorious Gardens* October 2017 _TOP TEN_ in *Roadways Highways Stairways & Byways* _Pathways in a Garden_ Challenge 5th May 2014 _TOP TEN_ in *All Glorious Gardens* _Eye Poppers_ Challenge 6th May 2014 _TOP TEN_ in *Cover Shot Photography* _Flowering Bushes, Trees & Vines_ Challenge 2nd June 2014 _TOP TEN_ in *All Glorious Gardens* _Path_ Challenge 25th April 2015 _TOP TEN_ in *The Best of Anything & Everything* Challenge Nov 2015
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Graphic T-Shirt

Isabella Plantation, London by Ludwig Wagner