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  • Features wraparound prints
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made from Ceramic


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Billie (Billie Bust Up) [BBU]

Designed by Zugai
The cute goat heroine from the 3D platformer "Billie Bust Up" has her own set of (inofficial) merchandise :D Put her on your pillow, your mug, your phone and brighten your day with her cheery smile <3 (Part of the proceeds are used to support the Game development via Patreon :D)

Billie (Billie Bust Up) [BBU] Classic Mug

Designed by Zugai


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Billie Bust Up by Zugai

Series one of the (inofficial) Billie Bust Up merch I designed. Billie, Oscar, an island otter and the infamous Pirate Queen can now be your's, on mugs, sticker, shirts and more :D

Billie (Billie Bust Up) [BBU] by Zugai
Oscar (Billie Bust Up) [BBU] by Zugai
Otter (Billie Bust Up) [BBU] by Zugai
Pirate Queen (Billie Bust Up) [BBU] by Zugai
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