This picture is one of my best and favorites and it was taken at a very special Place. At Safari’s Sanctuary in Broken Arrow, OK.
I am a volunteer out there and love all the animals. But shortly after this picture was taken everything changed.

During the Big Cat feeding one of our Interns went against protocol and opened the gate to one of the enclosures before the cat was fed. The cat grabbed him and wounded him really bad. He was taken to the hospital but died a day later.
The park is closed since than. It would be more expensive for us to reopen the park than leave it closed. We care more about the animals than making the visitors happy with staying open. We might reopen in the future but for now staying closed is the best decision.

Anyways, to the point of the picture. I decided to dedicate this picture to Safari’s and each and every cent earned with each sale will go 100% to Safari’s so we can still feed the animals in a proper manner. I hope you’re willing to help us out.

200 animals want to be fed and treated nicely. We try our best to do so but without admissions our savings will be gone soon. Every donation is helping the animals!

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