The Liger

Since I work with Ligers and I am not sure if everybody is familiar with Ligers I figured, I tell you all the details you need to know and Rocky’s Story.

First off, this is Rocky. Our Liger.

The liger is a cat born from the breeding of a male lion and a female tiger. This combination produces an offspring with more lionistic features than if the reverse pairing had occured. That would produce a more tigeristic creature known as a tigon.
A liger looks like a giant lion with muted stripes but like thier tiger ancestors, ligers like swimming. This goes against the nature of a lion but is what makes creature special.


Now to a little history session.

First litter The first litter ever was born October 24th 1824, born at Windsor and exhibited to King George the Fourth. They lived a little less than a year

Second litter Born April 22nd 1825 at Clapham Common. These too only lived a short time.

Third litter Born December 31st, 1826 or 1827, at Edinburgh. These only lived a few months. The skin of one of them, forming the subject of Plate III,, is preserved in the Science and Art Museum at Edinburgh, and a second is in the British Museum

Fourth litter Born October 2nd, 1828, at Windsor

Fifth litter Born May, 1831, at Kensington. These cubs ended up being show animals. They were shown to the Queen, than to Princess Victoria and the Duchess of Kent. After that they were taken on a tour through Ireland.

Sixth litter Born July 19th, 1833, at the Zoological Gardens, Liverpool. The male lived for 10 years and at the age of 3 years had a short mane and stripes.


Ligers are huge animals. The one shown in “Napoleon Dynamite” was 17ft standing on his back legs and 1400lbs.
Ligers never stop growing which sooner or later leads to death because of heart failure.


Rocky is our special baby at the sanctuary. Right now he is 12ft standing on his back legs and weighs a little over 1100lbs. He is cute, loves to cuddle and of course is totally lazy.
He was given to us by a zoo that got closed down because of bad care-taking. He is still a wild animal, that has never gotten used to being around humans. We cannot clean his cage out with him being in there. But not because he would want to kill us. More because he would want to cuddle and he is too strong for our weak human bones. Just rubbing on our side could break our ribs. He is 10 years old now and is healthy :) So we hope for a couple more years with him!

I hope you have enjoyed this little history session about Ligers. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me :)

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