Barristor Bra ham DeceptiveDragon Lord! What Should A Lawyer Look Like


City of Swan, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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Barris tor Bra ham deceptive Dragon Lord!
Where have you been today?
The Meticulous Rat said!
Don t you know? I come with news!
Don’t you know? I am your dearest friend!
Please! Barris tor Bra ham Deceptive Dragon Lord!
I appeal to you!
Don t Burn me! Or singe my warm coat!
I came in from the cold and clouds!
I haven’t had a chance to close my wings!
Did You Pass The Banyan Tree Of Knowledge!
Was that your face?
I saw strangely carved In wood?
There is face In a tree,Sir!
A Banyan Tree!
In India,
Again in Thailand!
Again in Taiwan,
Again In Malaysia,
Again In Canada,
Again in Pakistan!
Again in The Middle East,
Again in The Philippines,
Um! You and the Gargoyles are expanding!
You really are going Global with migration
Experimental Ideas!
Its Good Thing! It is a very good Thing!
You Got So many Gargoyles!
And you need more! Do You?
It would be a long and a tiring Flight of Deception!
Your Victims might outwit you!
Some already have!
I will rescue them in the leaky boats!
Collect them from the airports!
Entertain them! Make them Food,
House Dragon relatives in distress,
And some friends and gargoyles too!
Wash Your Cloak,
Clean Your Black Hurst,
Or the other gellopy,
While you Play your Harp!
While you sing with Your Guitar!
Be careful of gargoyle in fighting and chatter. Sir
Those mistresses and wife one
Have been manipulating You for Years!
But there is one that is very loyal and sincere!
Your Empire Is At Risk!
They want a piece of the Jewels!
You might not find any satisfaction!
You may out in the cold where you put me!
Speak your riddle with your mates of the Bar!
You wear your wigs,
Present for the day in Dark Coats!
Carry Heavy Bags on wheels,
You bow at the ruler at the Bench!
So Do The Witnesses!
So Do The Pro-cuter!
The Bible is used to swear on!
Some Refuse To Use It!
Some Just Affirm!
So Quiet a Pin Drop can be Heard!
The Hushed Tones!
The Clinical Treatment !
The Victim interrogated by the Defense Lawyer,
The Canadian clone of the Perpetrator,
The Perpetrator Assists,
He has Privileged! He is one of The Dark Coats!
The Victim Survivor Does not!
Such Lush Romp and Ceremony!
Such Lush Romp and Ceremony!

Did you stop by the money lenders office? This morning ?Sir!
Did they offer a deal at the Banyan Tree!
How is the Pharmacist!
Did he give you a new potion for Deception!
To steal our homes or someone else home or
shiny object!
An animal perhaps!
The one you kidnapped, injured and maimed!
A dead animal perhaps!
A dog perhaps!
All that needs doing is writing a false statutory declaration and presentation to the other Veterinarian Surgeons Clinic!
Put the fear in them! Threaten with your Title!
But its ok you will get away with it!
You are The Deceptive Braham Dragon Lord!
You will do any thing you like
You just tell everyone I know the Law
I am a Lawyer You Know!
Maybe,It was the other Veterinary Surgeon
That was your spy!
That whom thought he was doctor!
Whom did they help dice-ct today!
He’s A Doctor!
And He Is A Doctor!
Oh! I See!
Good thing your all studied Science. Hey!
Maybe you need to watch Faulty Towers Again
For the 00011007778888999 Time
You can see Faulty and the Psychiatrist!
And They Are Doctors!
You all got educated and Degrees!
I went to the school of Life!
And Hospitality and Kindness!
A place where people learn t
Love and Respect

How come Sir! Banyan Law School Teaches You Justice!
Does in Law School in The Dragon Pit Teach you Justice as Well!
I Mean!!! That You have to interrogate? The Weakest!
and Vulnerable of our Society!
Don"t you Sir!
Is that what Social Justice and Court in The Pit about Sir!
It was very interesting!
How did you????
get that group of countrymen to speak so well of
you! Good Job! Great Deception!
You trained the gargoyles and countryman well!
The Court felt very melon cony about that!
That and your speeches got you off that! Time! It was a close Call!
Luckily for you, that Canadian Criminal Lawyer
You associate with, Is a clone of yourself!
Good Experiment with that White face!
There always has to be a White Face Sir
Doesn’t there!
I mean to say How else would anything Get Done?
That what I was there for Sir! wasn’t it!
The cover up!
One White in the Pack!

Did you met the Financial traders under the Banyan Tree
Where Is Your European Agent?
You know? The Bulgarian as you call him?
That Purged Himself in Trial!
The one that I attended his daughters wedding?
The one that works on the other side of the house!
The one I made tea and coffee for everyday,
The one that came with his his wife to the main House! for Dinner on New years Day!
You are so lucky,
They Purge so well in Court.
What do you feed them now; Sir!
Especially on Trial Days!
I am Curious;
Maybe the New young Chinese mistress that stole my mobile phone and id for you is feeding
those magic mushrooms you like
There was some in my food, You know Sir!
The food you delivered on a late dark night,
photographed very colorfully in the bowl!
It made my body so sick
I was hospitalized again!
For many months I was sick!
Then one day I was so sick
My friend had to call an ambulance!
I had to have emergency surgery,
I went towards the light!
I returned to the temple on loan, physically and mentally scared for life!
Why was that?
How did your loss adjustment seminars go
your belly fat and full of fire!
Your belly full of curry,
Your face twisted and Tour-ted,
Your ca million ways of personality sir!
You like your riddles!
Did we entertain your humor sir!
How was your court comedy of errors? Sir!
You like to test,
How was it?
Did I pass! Braham Dragon Lord!
This morning preparation for court
The interrogation on me was very long and torturous. While I prepared your Darjeeling Tea!
Mm! Can we keep it shorter next time!
My head was numb and Tired!
My ears rung with the noise!
Must be those horns from the soccer on TV!
and of course BBC SBS and ABC in the background!
Yada! Yada Yada!
It is so hot here in the Pit!
The gas out of your mouth is overheating!
There is a lot of smoke!
You like to test
Is the calculation of the mathematical formula correct!
The brass coins and gold are shiny today!
The stones and jewels glissen!
Your wallet is very heavy and full
Must have been a good day!
Your happy and Twisted!
Your Humming Sir!
Good chocolate cake. Sir!
Even Better Raspberry Tea Cake. Sir!
Your cave! Its so lovely!
Your nest is full of new comforts!
Mine and others are gone!
Do You Know anything about That!
Never ever to be seen!
Good Job at persuasion!
Another victim is Burnt!
Where will you find me?
I resigned!
My Heart is with the good and Kind
I am with Jesus
helping him to get justice on his seventh
unjust trial!
I rest my soul to Jesus and the lord god
You may take all the material possessions
You may grab all my money,
Assault me,over keys and property,
You may put me out on the street,
Pass it on to your gargoyles,
But you will never control my soul,
Go back to your Firery Pit!
I have gone never to entertain you and the corrupt again,
I will never work for you again,
And find a new Chef while you there
All The Banyan Hospitality College, The Cafe Staff!
And The House Keeper Resigned

never to disturb you again
Please don’t get bored
I gave you a good challenge!
I leave it up to god now!
Many Stand Passively,
Many Turn Away,
what is the cost?

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