Buyers Booth Champion

hey everyone…not written anything here for a while..been so busy…anyways

ive been chosen as the buyers booth champion

you can read about it here


im very grateful for this ive not been around much recently but i have been looking at you works in passing just not enough time to comment on all the awesomeness you guys spew…

im hoping to to get on a bit more and comment on your works cos i feel guilty for not doin it

ALSO i have updated my shop….those who dont know..and ive added my site to the worlds best zombie sites list…so if you could all go to it and click the pink and black banner at the top and vote for my site i would be very grateful…..

thats about it….thanks to everyone for the favs,watchlist adds, and comments…and that ive missed i will get too in time sorry for the delay…

see you on the flip side

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