apologies for my absence

hello to everyone that reads this….ive not been around for a long time…im sorry for that…not really been creating so hence why i havent been uploading…but ive done three new designs….one of them is pretty messed up and i will say again as i have said on the item description…..the monkey in the design was a healthy normal chimp….then i got my hands on his picture and all kinds of evil came out…..the reason im saying this is cos i showed the desing to a friend and they said it looked like one of those animal liberation posters where they get you to sign a petition….so if anyone finds the design distressing then i apologise….but it was a happy fluffy chimp before i started :D

oh thanks to the people that have bought my stuff i really appreciate it ..i still find it hard to believe some people around the world (whereever they are from) are wearing my shirts….i feel so privledged that they liked it enought to wanna wear it in public…so thank you to everyone with all my heart

oh and speaking of sales…i got my first commissions payment..woo…now what to spend it on

catch you all laters….thanks again

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