The Weekends It Rained

On peppermint scented paper, I send my love to those I miss dearly,
I looked out of the window today, and the trees were dancing violently.
The sky was crying her mournful tears,
I could tell Mother Nature was hurt.
My feet carried me into this fury, roaming free on earth’s wet grounds,
The scent of the fresh moist air overwhelmed my senses.
I fell to my knees.
Drenched in her tears, I felt her anger; her pain, her coldness
Sitting there in the midst of the stir, I remembered the weekends it rained.
Huddled up like koalas, snuggled under the warm cotton comforter, we’d wait for
the threatening thunder. Maggie would scream, each time the sky lit up while we’d laugh and tease her.
Suddenly, she’d ponder the possibilities of a scrumptious tea although lunch had been just ten minutes ago.
Oh how I miss those weekends it rained, and though my weekend is rather wet and depressing, those memories warm me and with me, will always remain.

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