Family Matters

The scent of sandalwood infiltrates the air
It’s the alarm clock to a new day, a fresh start.
Soft bells chime to the beat of holy tunes,
Grandmother has begun her blessings for the day
The peace and serenity is soon trampled upon.
The au pair is busy with kitchen clatters
Breakfast is never an easy task, when every request is a priority.
Mistakes could lead to sour grapes all day long.

Thick frames are buried intensely in the crisp sheets of the daily.
The man of the house is perched at a corner in the hallway,
completely ignorant to his surroundings.
A loud bang in the kitchen again and the au pair goes insane
Grandmother has sounded for her, a daily grind is at hand
She yells back, sprinting pass the hallway to her bedroom constantly ramming herself into objects, and walking bodies on her way.
And if that isn’t enough, the wife hollers from the second floor
Her clothes have been misplaced as always

She starts sprinting again, this time making eye contact with the niece.
Her innocent, understanding eyes and warm smile comfort the au pair.
Picking up her knapsack, she bids goodbye to those present and
walks out the front door,
This was a daily routine, but things would eventually get better.

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