My collection of thoughts

We are who we are

We all had dreams of people we wanted to be

as the years roll on we become who we are

our morals and attributes created

people say home is where the heart is

I say the heart spreads home wherever we go

I travel this journey called life with every breath I take

for everyone thats been a part of my life I take you with me

thus you take me with you

so keep it real

cause we’re all in this together one way or another

a million stars but each ones different

each ones wonderful and eventually gazed upon by someone somewhere

so keep shining

or fuck off

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Friday, September 28, 2007


Category: Writing and Poetry

So life rolls on…. I feel like an old Chevy truck rolling down route 66. Miles and miles of deserted road and dreams forgotten. The wind blows through the truck like old whispers of all my hopes. Like the beginning of another chapter another day the sun pushes through the horizon. I tip my hat and welcome it, the warmth of it and the chances that follow it. Everyday is different and everything’s always changing. In all reality that’s why my wheels keep rolling, the chance that something, someone special can happen. To find something new, to find destiny, fate……

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Just a love story

Current mood: crazy
Category: Writing and Poetry

I didn’t cry till I realized that you where really leaving. Your smiles brought so much hope in my heart and your kisses made me sleep well at night. Your love made me want to be a better man for you. Hell, it made me want to be a better person for you, I, and the world. When I look up into the moon you smile back like a hundred times before. Your face stain upon my heart forever, and your smiles, kisses, eyes will always live within my dreams. The time we did spend together showed me what love is and what it is that I need to find again. You’ll always be my standard of what love can be. First time from being a kid I cried, was when I knew you were really leaving….

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Thursday, August 23, 2007


Current mood: grateful
Category: Writing and Poetry

We are all searching for that real smile. The kind that penetrates you. Those moments when you cant help but to smile laugh or love. Unconditional happiness that’s too true to fake. Times that you know will stick with you forever. Times you wish would never end. We all need these moments to survive when you realize you’re really actually alive. You’re right where you should be and wouldn’t choose to be anywhere or with anyone else.

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Current mood: disappointed
Category: Writing and Poetry

I inhale the smoke like the morning comes and it pours out of my mouth like another day Ive giving away. Sometimes it feels like Im just stale air with no purpose but to just be. The important things in life have just become chores to me things Id rather not think about but have to take care of. The fresh lake air like a preview of where Im going someday, but just a taste. Driving down the highway of life in a car that stalls all to often. Dreaming of the day when the pieces will finally fit. Hope is the generator that keeps me going, helps me keep my eyes open for what I hope one day will come along.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007


Category: Writing and Poetry

The homely smell of the food my dad, mom and me have participated in preparing.

The sounds of laughter and obnoxiously loud statements ring through the house from my dad and family friends that have gathered here today as this Sunday rolls on. The aroma of garlic onions and spices along with sauce drift through the air like love. My home and family and old friends are all that is real to me. Makes me feel like Im in the right place.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

our world

Current mood: calm
Category: Writing and Poetry

So today and every other day

we forget all too often about the world we live in

about instincts and natural life and what we live for

we live upon an electronic pulse, a world that depends on the unnatural

we slowly feed on what the world has to offer as we destroy it

the only true natural things we still live on are the instincts we are still able to carry

love, family, friends, favors, the different seasons we endure

In the weather and emotionally

the world will always turn, and always change

how we except these changes makes us who we are

do we try and change these changes or except them for what they are

Do real instincts still survive within us, or are we hopeless

So everyday we wake up, go to work, go home watch tv, play games, go to the bar, use the computer, eat at resteraunts, go to school and wear fancy clothes

is this life or luxery

Is this life or the beginning of death

Yet there are certain things that wont change

Love, hunger, passion, and thirst of the unknown

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What matters to you

Current mood: cheerful
Category: Writing and Poetry

And so I ask, so I ask

oooohhh so I ask what is it

that matters to you

is it fun, iiiis it fun

cause come along and Ill show you

is it love, iiiiss it love, cause if it is

cooome along and Ill show you

love and fun that you search for

Is it comfort, forgetting chaos iiiiin your shoes

cause if it is come along

come along with me

Is it to be free

freeee to be

what it is to be you

I ask

can you come with me

and my friend, ooooohh and my friend

wont you find, time

to come with me

and so why dont we, jump off a jamaican cliff

fiiind a good book that we can read

fish all day, sleep all day, drink all day

lets find a trail, we can hike, lets find some music to sooth our soul

lets find a reason, to coooome with me

so my friend, sooooo my friend

what can I say

is important

important toooooo you

what makes

what makes you smile…………..

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Friday, May 18, 2007


Current mood: angry
Category: Writing and Poetry

Ive been telling myself for so long

for so long

that Id change, that I could change

and every morning I wake

and everyday I go to work

and everynight I go to bed

the same as the day before

and Ive been telling myself for so long Im going to change

but everyday its the same

my addictions are stonger than me

thats a fact I wont except, I cant, will not

juss gotta change one of these day

a secret promise to myself

My life depends on one day rolling over me like a new carpet

till then the battle is on…..

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Life is Important

Current mood: grateful
Category: Writing and Poetry

Life is important

your place, your life, your existince and how you touch others lifes

we often forget how everything we do effects something or someone else

even though theres no way to know the effect you have,

know that its there is, every smile, handshake and every peice of advice you give out, every kiss, every love it changes

changes the way the world turns

make everyday count but remember whats meant to be is meant to be

do you want to change the world, well you have been the moment you took your first breath, your first anything

waking up in the morning makes a difference to something or someone wether you like it or not

I believe every action is as important as any other

stubbing your tow or graduating highschool both will take you down a different path that could change your life

life is fragile and on a neverending changing path

been depressed and on the edge today may lead to you to saving the world later

just remember life is important…….

My collection of thoughts

Zachary Losacano

Westspringfield, United States

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This is a collection of my thoughts and poems that Ive written over the years and some on the spot.

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