" YOU "

How interesting; How exciting: I can only imagine,being in a moment at the same time, at the same place,seeing and feeling a presence of someone like You.Everyday is special, everything is new,Life is so wonderful with a thought of How close, How warm,caring and loving, sharing this emotion with a view.We sit, we talk, we hold hands. We laugh, we cry,we play, we co-exist together; although we do not know one another.There will come a time when we shall meet and our purpose will last forever.Wherever you are, Whatever you do, Whenever there is a need; a want or desire;my dreams, my wishes, will send Hugs and KissesAs we live and grow on this journey called life,There will be many paths to choose from and many obstacles, to Hurdle as we strifeYet the adventure is inevitable. And, We will become one; in the Universal Language called LOVE.Until the Day we are sent to the Heavens Above.

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