A little different

So life has changed.…

It’s been a long time, our priorities have changed, and we are not where we thought or hoped we would be. Like so many other people in this world, things did not turn out as planned. What I do know is compared to a lot of other people in this world we are still very lucky and appreciate what we have, the material and the spiritual.

We are in a different place. It just took a while to come to terms with being in that place. When it is forced upon you by unforeseen traumatic circumstances that will affect your life in so many ways for the rest of your life, you panic and silently cry. But you get over it. It takes time but you get there. I believe the quiet cry is the best, as try as you might, you do your best to not let the trauma in your life affect those around you,

Not feeling it

I do not know if anybody cares or is listening but I am venting none the less.…

I have lost my creative mojo.

I have been wondering why I do not have any urge to take photos, create music or write.

I have been so flat out with caring for my wife, and trying to get our life a semblance of normality back into it, that when I do get time to myself I could not be bothered doing anything.

This year was supposed to be much better than the last. In my last journal entry I wrote that I must go now, as I need to fill in forms. They are never ending!

Rebecca and I finally did get settled, just before my birthday in September last year, then they decided to sell the house we were renting. It was sold, and the new owners wanted to move in. Not wanting this situation again, we decided to purchase a hou

Still not here

Hello all,…

I’m still not here, nor will i be here for a while. I dropped in but dropped off the next day.

Rebecca is in healing slowly. She caught the bug, a form of psedomonous, that eats the flesh. Needless to say it did not help her healing process. She had many large wounds and de-gloving on her legs, as well as the amputation, so she was bound to catch something.

She is in the Royal Park Rehab Centre, and she is due to leave early April. That will be 15 weeks in hospital by then. Considering her injuries, and the bug, they say that she is progressing well. She will be wheeling out, far from walking at the moment.

One thing is for sure, Beck and I will not be returning to the UK. This has made us very sad, especially Rebecca who is very upset with herself. I forgive her, she has to fo

Why i have not been participating

My wife Rebecca was in a motorbike accident. This happening on Boxing Day. I am writing now because – one. i have time, and two. she has now had her major operations and is in a good, but monitored condition.…

Beck had an operation to save her lower right leg on Boxing day. This did not take as the muscle lacked oxygen for too long. They tried this operation as in rare cases it can revive, but this was not the case with Beck. The second operation was to amputate the lower right leg, and repair the left leg which had a substantial chunk out of it. Thankfully the right leg had enough bone to keep a stump below the knee, otherwise she would have had to have an above the knee amputation. The third operation was to take muscle from the lat, and transplant using micro surgery to the bone that re

Trip to Sicily

I have just finished writing my journal entry for my trip to Sicily.

You can read about my trip and travel advise here.

And you can see a slideshow of the images and where they were taken here.

I have not decided on the series of images to place on Redbubble yet.

There are a few landscapes, street scenes of doors and walls, and maybe some houses on the hills I am thinking about posting.

Any advise would be appreciated.

Paris and Hungary

Once again, as we do so often being half way across the world from family, we had visitors. My father-in-law Steve had to come to Paris for business, accompanied by my mother in law, coming along for the ride.…

I was more than happy to go to Paris. I loved Paris the first time, and this time all the more endearing.

Fabulous place, fabulous people, and the food was, well, fabulous. I tried out my palette with snails this time, for the first time. We had lunch in a little restaurant over the quieter side of the hill at Sacre Coeur. The snails were to die for. I had a half dozen, I could have had another serving without another thought, but left room for the Argentinean steak that followed, cooked to perfection, soft as cotton. Delicious! Oh what pleasure!

Paris is a place to go and immerse y

USA - November '07

This trip was initially planned for a wedding invitation. My wife and I were invited to see my friends Melissa and Luke get married, but that fell though and instead of cancelling the trip, we decided to go.…

From London we flew to New York City on the Saturday morning and were in NYC by that afternoon. Off the plane and onto the subway we went. No, no taxi or silly personal car. We dove right into the heart of NYC. Let me tell you. The NYC Subway is no Paris Metro or London Underground. It’s vast and confusing. But by the time we left I had mastered the art of reading the subway. Took me four days but I got there. Bloody cheap too at $25 for a weekly card.

We stayed in a small apartment (typical of NYC) on West 14th street between 6th and 7th Avenues, just north of Greenwich Village and s

Travel images published

I have been lucky enough to have my photo’s published.

Tikalanka tours.

I travelled with them to Sri Lanka this year, and offered my images to the owner of the company, John, whom I was able to meet through work contacts.

John had hired a professional photographer, and along with images taken himself, he has deemed my work good enough to post. The photo gallery contains all of our images combined.

My images are contained in the following sections, and have a Watermark copyright with my name on them.



Hill Country

Kandy – Temple of the Tooth


Nuwara Eliya




and Yala

Hooray for me. A small step, but a nice one.


Where O where has Adrian been

He’s been to La Palma and Madrid in spring

The rain it fell the river came down

Snow and clouds driving round and round

Walking about in the green of the tropics

Volcanic rock and raking cliffs

Legs are sore but heart is filled

Fresh air a commodity now fulfilled

Few pics for you to all see

But you’ll have to wait because right now i could not be stuffed.


Poland hey?…

I must say that it was the friendliest place in Europe i have visited thus far. For anyone considering a trip through Europe i would say it’s not complete without having gone to Poland.

We visited Zakopane (Poland favourite skiing location) and Krakow. Krakow has more bars, cafe & restaurants than any other similar sized city. I have many friends of Polish decent and have had a few Polish partners so i was looking forward to visiting their country of origin. The other beautiful thing is that it is relatively unspoilt by yob tourism as i like to call it (unlike Prague which is the Amsterdam without the legal drugs).

A little European news for you over there. There has been such an influx of Polish people to Britain that there is strong demand for many jobs especially in the hea

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