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Amateur photographer that loves to travel, and is most inspired when in a foreign environment.

A little different

So life has changed.

It’s been a long time, our priorities have changed, and we are not where we thought or hoped we would be. Like so many other people in this world, things did not turn out as planned. What I do know is compared to a lot of other people in this world we are still very lucky and appreciate what we have, the material and the spiritual.

We are in a different place. It just took a while to come to terms with being in that place. When it is forced upon you by unforeseen traumatic circumstances that will affect your life in so many ways for the rest of your life, you panic and silently cry. But you get over it. It takes time but you get there. I believe the quiet cry is the best, as try as you might, you do your best to not let the trauma in your life affect those around you, especially the ones you love. You get on with life and be patient. Things get better, they always do.

I originally thought about writing in my journal to jot something down about my photography so….

Although I do not have the passion for taking photos locally (like I did when I lived in London) I have traveled a bit and the passion returns with every new place I visit. Not only that, I also am enjoying taking photos of the family and friends that I otherwise may have not been able to get (if we were still living in London).

Although nothing has been posted up here, I have been able to share my talents with family and friends on facebook. I do not get the creative feedback I used to get here, but it is nice to share good photography of the family with the family, especially when family from over the globe can enjoy it also. There is a different type of satisfaction, and I like it.

So here is to life.

I think I might celebrate with a beer.

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