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Amateur photographer that loves to travel, and is most inspired when in a foreign environment.


Poland hey?

I must say that it was the friendliest place in Europe i have visited thus far. For anyone considering a trip through Europe i would say it’s not complete without having gone to Poland.

We visited Zakopane (Poland favourite skiing location) and Krakow. Krakow has more bars, cafe & restaurants than any other similar sized city. I have many friends of Polish decent and have had a few Polish partners so i was looking forward to visiting their country of origin. The other beautiful thing is that it is relatively unspoilt by yob tourism as i like to call it (unlike Prague which is the Amsterdam without the legal drugs).

A little European news for you over there. There has been such an influx of Polish people to Britain that there is strong demand for many jobs especially in the health sector. Problem is a doctor can get paid almost as much labouring over here in London than he might make working his profession back home. There is not a mass exodus though. Most are staying as the lack of people brings in more business and job opportunities for others.

By the way, my sister in law says don’t try snowboarding down a whole mountain if you have not at least a lesson. Or practice, or any coordination, or you just an idiot!!! 4 hours!!!! She also informed us that there was in Italian bloke worse off than her. I wondered if that was ‘fanculo’ i could hear blowing in the wind.

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