Sold another one

Sold another one of these:

That brings the grand total to 4. :)
The same day, I some friends who bought one and who received it and viewed it for the first time with me present. Their reaction and enthusiasm was very uplifting I must say. :)

A good RB day all in all. ;)

2 Calenders

O, I’m so thrilled! I just received 2 of my calendars that friends bought through me. The outside of them is looking mighty fine and it really is a thrill seeing your own work in print. :)

I’m not going to open them up, I want to hand them over in pristine condition. I can see the inside after I handed them over. :)

Back in town

I’m back from a splendid holiday in beautiful South-Africa.
It will take a while to get fully active again here as I have such a huge backlog now and on top of that we are busy with a kitchen renovation, so not much to no time for art for quite a while. :(

My Japan Calendar

As it’s still impossible to add calendars to groups and I really want to introduce my first Japan Calendar into the Japanfluence group, I’ll have to do it via a journal entry.

I’ve bundled 13 of my photos from my travels through Japan into a first calendar. I say first because there’s a small change I’ll make another one later on.

But, let’s start with the first one:

100 favoritings

It might be nothing to you, and I’m very positives there are images with tons more of favoritings, but for me, having one image that got 100 favoritings all by itself, almost as much as the combination of all my other images, well… I’m elated. ;^)

First calendar sale

My first calendar has been sold! I’ll admit it, friends bought it, and I’ll even be ordering it myself as I’m combining some Redbubble orders of friends and myself into one order for shipping cost reasons.

But, who cares, Travel with Zgallery was sold for the very first time! Yipee!

A surrealistic feature

I would like to say thank you to the Surrealism group for featuring Rebirth

It’s the third time that this group features one of my painting and their support really means a lot to me. It’s a big boost for the moral to continue my work.

These were the previous 2 features:

Again: thanks!

I stand corrected!

*T*hanks to Eyeshoot and her description at this lovely image, I discovered that I was misinformed about a Japanese custom and spread this misinformation here on RB by giving one of my images the wrong title and a wrong description.…

As I got quite some response on the custom that I wrongly described, I would like to share the correct version with you, which is now also to be found next to the image itself, together with a new title.

I’m talking about this image:

The title of this photo used to be: Say a prayer for me, with the following description:
A delicate branch of cherry blossoms, symbol of spring, symbol of new life, carrying someones hope, someones prayers. Such a beautiful tradition in Japan…

But it seems to be that I was misinformed and that the little paper on the tree is

Help my friend to make her late daughter's dream come true

On November 19th 2007 the daughter of a couple of friends died suddenly in an accident with her scooter. This girl had a great voice and her dream was to bring out her own CD and a poetry book. The money earned with those would go to a fund for the impaired. This girl was socially involved in many ways. One of those ways was that she was a dance teacher to handicapped people, bringing joy, light and music into their lives. A task her mother took over after her death.…

Now, here parents are trying to make this dream come true.

Nivea Belgium is organizing a competition where € 3 000 goes to a woman who engages herself to make the world a more beautiful place. She, the mother, can win this if she makes it into the top 10 of her chosen category. After that, Nivea chooses the final winner. I th

Back from the USA

Hi Everybody,

last Sunday we returned from a rather eventful but beautiful trip to the good old US of A. I’ll slowly start working on my backlog here which, of course, is immense.

I want be able to spent as much time watching all your wonderful new work as I’m used too, or I’ll continue living in the pas for ever. :o)
So my apologies for that beforehand. ;o)


What is underneath?

An old painting, but, they wonder, was the canvas reused? Or not? Is there a painting beneath the painting?

An international research team, including members from the Technical University of Delft (NL) and the University of Antwerp (B) has successfully developed a technique to look through the upper painting at the one beneath it, it’s there.

Read more about it and see a first test case on a Van Gogh here

Cleaning up

Hi everybody,
just wanted to let you know I have started cleaning up my portfolio here on RB to keep it in check a little.

If you see one of your favourites disappear, or a work you commented on, don’t be angry with me. Your comments and favs meant a lot to me, they where and are a big source of inspiration to continue my strife as a wannabe artist and you know what? One day I’ll “be”!

All comments of the works I took online I save into a document for later reference, so none of those get lost.


Top camera gear is ...

… not always necessary.

In this video here a demonstration is given about how you can make incredibly stunning images with just a point and shoot and a lot of knowledge, specially about post processing. I actually think that the image in the video was overdone. It doesn’t look natural anymore. But you can see a few other great examples under the “before/after” link on the page.

All in all, I found this to be quite an eye opener and to good not to share with you…

What would you do?

I was just toying around with TinEye and I did a search on an image from RB. TinEye found this image on 5 blogs which, considering that TinEye is just starting up and has “only” 487 million images in its database, is a lot.…

4 of those blogs gave no credit at all to the artist. The 5th did, but, the links are dead.
Would you inform the artist about this? Or would you just let it pass as there is little he can do about it?

For those of you who don’t know TinEye:
it’s an image search engine, but instead of giving in keywords or something alike, you upload an image, or give the url to an image. TinEye then searches other instances of that image on the web, regardless of alterations or such. It’’s very interesting to keep an eye on your work on the net, as the above example proves.
TinEye is in b

RSart, where are thou?

Does anybody here know what has happened to RSart? I was just bmailing with her about joining the “promote each other” group and she was very enthusiastic about it. Then she just disappears into thin air? I can see that she was uploading new written works only a day ago, but I can’t access them as they are gone too…

This is a great loss for RB. :(
I loved her work.

Painted with light technique, the tutorial continued...

Alright, I don’t think I need to tell you what a difference proper lighting can make to a photo. But when I was working on my latest photo, Radio Electricity , I was looking at he composition photo and thought: I got to put this on RB as an extension to my painted with light article .…

I’ve you read my tutorial on my painted with light technique then you already know that I start with finding the right angle to set up the tripod and then I make the composition. All of this I do with available light. In case of Radio Electricity that were overhead fluorescent tubes. Just about the ugliest light you can get in my opinion. During this process I take several test shots to see how it comes out in 2D.
Here is the final test shot of the composition that was used for the actual photograph (minus a

A real life competition

Hi everybody. I just entered my “Tobermory Shipwreck” into the Festimage competition. Just on time, tomorrow is the last day for entering. When I entered the image I thought it might be an interesting competition for other redbubblers as well. Participation is free, lot’s of honour to gain and some pretty serious cash prices.

If you want to know the details, check it out here:

But hurry, tomorrow it closes!

A new problem

I think one could call it a luxury problem but at the same time, it’s a big problem. I don’t know which images to upload any more. I mean, I have 1000’s of travel images, digitally (even more on film but no equipment for proper scanning) and I just don’t know which ones to pick.

How do I want to profile myself? Are these good enough for RB or not? Which ones to choose, which ones?

The Nostalgia series and the paintings are easy enough. I don’t have more of the first at the moment and the latter I have a couple more you don’t know yet, but I’ll have to take hem out frames, scan them etc, so that will be a while yet.

It’s the travel section of my work that blocks me at the moment. Oh my god, I just realise, I have a redbubble block!


Advice is always appreciated.

RB defeated me...

It looks like I’m going to have to come back from my promise to say thank you to each and every comment personally. It are just to many comments and now… I made the homepage again! WOHOO! I’m on a lucky streak here at RB.

So, I’m going to do it via this medium instead:

Thank you! All of you that have been supporting me with comments and praise. You have put me back firmly in my shoes as artist. It’s so incredibly great to be appreciated.

Back from holidays with 2 sales in the pocket.

Hi everybody,…

I just wanted to let you all know that I’m back from holidays. We spent a great 13 days on Tenerife hiking, hiking and hiking some more. :)

As you can imagine, I’m rather tired and have sore feet at the moment. :)

I was drowning in comments here on RB when I left and the situation didn’t get any better. Thankfully, and I still promise to thank each and every one of you personally for every comment. But boy will it take time, because I have a lot on my hands right now ( a commissioned painting, trouble with a Tamron lens which I have to get sorted out before my next holiday etc) and last, I’m living in the warmest place in Europe at the moment, so the garden is yelling for attention. :)

But, there is more news, yes sir, ma’m, I made 2 sales during my absence! How about that,

Homepage! Wohoo!

I can’t believe it, my Tobermory shipwreck made the homepage! What an(other) ego boost! :)…

It’s a pity it came in another one of my “absences” here on RB, but hey, you don’t here me complaining. :)
The results are astonishing, of being on the homepage I mean. These are the current figures of my “price” photograph:

  1. 138 comments
  2. 69 favoritings
  3. 1252 views

Also I gained a lot of extra watchlists, thanks all of you who are watching my work, it really means a lot to me.

I already had a big backlog in comments that needed replying to, but now, I’m swamped, so all off you that have been commenting on my work, please be patient, I’ll get to your comment and answer it personally, plus have a look at your work too.

The backlog of new work is also immense, but I’ll work through it when I find the time.

And more hardware problems


so, I finally manage to get my pc more or less up and running and then…
my own hardware fails. I managed to combine a slight flue with a big bronchitis. Great.

But, that’s, also more or less, behind us too and now it’s about time to pick up my RB activity again because I’ve been missing you!

So, somewhere this week I should start commenting and uploading again!


More silence

I still haven’t sorted out my computer problems so, more silence from me here. I tried to squeeze in a little RB time to go through my backlog but i barely started! There’s light at the end of the tunnel though. I received my new graphics card, installed it yesterday and started to reinstall jolly old vista (yuk!). Yesterday everything went according to plan but there’s still a lot to install (some more drivers, my wacom tablet, all my software etc etc). i also still have to find out if vista will recognize a simple usb stick this time, it didn’t the previous install. :(…

So, all of you who commented on my work and haven’t heard from me yet, don’t worry I always at least reply to the comment. If I haven’t yet, I will. The thing is I like to do that when I’ve got some time on my hands so th


Sorry I’ve been so so silent.
Having a lot of computer problems.

After having replaced my old PC with a brand new shiny one, amongst other things because of problems with the graphic interface, the new one isn’t working, problems with the graphic interface.

If you are thinking of buying an ATI card watch out because certain cards don’t work via DVI althoug they ONLY have DVI connectors. I bought one of those, took me 2 days to figure out what was happening and that apparently ATI find this normal.

Had to hook it up to my monitor using VGA and an adaptor, so now at least I can use my PC and I’m trying to swap the card as in my eyes it’s faulty.

A commission, can't believe it!

Hi everybody,…

I really wanted to share this with you all. Via my tarot website which features only one painting and some text, I scored a commission!

After years the website does what it was setup to do, get me a commission like this where someone asked me to melt two tarot cards into one with the emphasize on certain symbolism so that it become his own personal tarot card.

But wait, it becomes even better. He doesn’t want to painting itself. What he has me create will be tattooed on his arm. I still can’t believe it. There is a man out there, a total stranger, who likes my paintings so much that he is going to have one tattooed on his body. Wow. Thinking about it makes my head spin again, my ego is somewhere amongst the stars at the moment. ;)

I asked far to little money for this but wha

Finally finished a painting

March last year I started a painting. I actually think the concept is from 2006. Yesterday I finished it, finally! I can’t believe it took me almost 2 years to finish it! This proves it, I’m not painting enough. How can I call myself an “artist” or “painter” if I only paint once every year or so.…

But that’s where redbubble comes around the corner again. Except for taking up to much of my time, leaving me with even less time to paint. ;) This place is really stimulating and inspiring. For the first time I’m getting responses towards my work. I have a fan or two (not counting my wive) but now I’m getting responses and comments from other people, from strangers and that feels good, real good.

I know, my paintings aren’t the most popular in my portfolio, my photography gets far more attention


Ok, So I’m a little over a day off line and already I’m way behind on the new work that keeps streaming in via my watchlist.

So, to the people on my watchlist: don’t fret, I’ll look at every single one of them and will leave a comment here and there but I’m not going to do it now. Hopefully tonight because the longer I wait, the more I get behind.

I had my hands full replying to all the new comments and exploring the work of new faces that popped up in those comments. That’s one magical experience, to just keep getting enthusiastic reactions to your work.

To all of you who have written them: I can not thank you enough!


2 T's in 2 days

I can’t believe it, I sold another Half a person to an anonymous person who’s paying in £.

I guess that makes one whole person now, at least I’m whole and very inspired to continue designing, painting and photographing . ;)

Thanks you everybody here on redbubble for you support and thank you whoever you are, may you really enjoy the T you just bought.

Yes! First Sale!

A big, big thank you to Peter Hill who bought 3 cards of my “Tobermory shipwreck”.

I truly hope you enjoy them.

Not to mention your constructive comments on my work which are a huge source of inspiration for me.


A first high point on RB

I just past the 1000 views on my artwork, and I’m over the 300 views on my T-shirts.
Wohoo! I love RB and I love you all. I know, I know, I’m one day to late to send you all a valentines card. (thank goodness!)

Seriously though: thank you all for your nice, uplifting and inspiring comments. This community is doing exactly what it should be doing: inspiring me to put more time in my art and for that, I really do love you.

This, of course, is the most important, but a sale would be great too. ;^)
Fingers crossed.

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