My portfolio website revamped...

Before I get carried away about the solution that I found to build this portfolio fast and easy, I would just like to say 2 things. The first one is, of course, go and check it out!

The second one is, that I’m always looking for link exchanges. So, if you have your own personal website, preferably art related, and if it has a link page and you want to exchange links, then please bmail me.


For months now, no, for years even, my personal website, for which I pay good money, has been out of date. I had great plans for it, but I kept putting them of because they’d involve lots of programming. As I program for a living, I didn’t feel like doing some more after hours and so my site remained as it was: out of date.

So I started looking for a ready made solution. If I co

Australia in May?

I’m calling out to my Aussie friends here once more because Australia is calling out to us once more….

As a potential travel destination for next year, we are looking into Australia again. This time we would like to travel from the north down into the red centre. May would be the month of our choice.

Do you think this would be a good time to travel in the north & the red centre?
Or maybe you have other tips for that time period in Australia? Just remember that we travelled roughly from Melbourne to Brisbane last year, and we want to explore new areas this time!


The camera of the future?

I just read an article on engadget that really got my attention. It’s about a new camera technology (well new is not the right word) that captures the image in a totally different way. An old school digital camera (the ones we use right now) captures a snapshot of light hitting a sensor, this new technology first separates rays of light in order to individually record their color, intensity and direction.…

The possibilities are enormous, from focusing at home on your PC, after you took the shot in other words, to an incredibly dynamic range manipulation and much more. It’s the dynamic range that interests me most actually, as I don’t like the limited ranges of our current cameras and have been yearning for a camera capable of capturing an image similar to what our very own eyes (and brain!

I won! Thanks to Australia!


I’m in an adrenaline rush right now. I just got of the phone with a girl telling me I won the first prize in my travel agents travel photography contest. I still can’t believe it. I mean, I actually won, and not just any prize, no, first prize! And it’s a big travel agent, working nation wide, with lots of contestants entering the contest. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Why thanks to Australia? Well, because it was an image from Australia of course! here is the winning image:

What did I win? My trip to Oz plus the car rental in a cheque, to spent at the travel agent in question of course….

Really, I’m so happy, the honour and a nice fat travel budget, I just can’t believe my luck…

My 6th homepage feature!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for all the support I, and my work, have been getting here on RB.

I especially want to thank Red for choosing another one of my images for the homepage, my 6th homepage feature! I can’t believe it!

The chosen work Bad fortune, new hope

Google AdWords


Today I received once again a check to try Google AdWords for free and with a €75 balance to start me off.

So, this time I decided to put it to good use! I registered with AdWords and started a campaign to promote my Bubblesite.

Curious if it will result in anything. Quite honestly? I don’t really thinks so, but no harm in trying!


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