Naming suggestions please - use your super powers

Wonder twin powers activate!

Form of a ????

Shape of ????

Calling upon bubble support and super powers to help name my untitled picture. Mind you it isn’t an image about super heroes but when your bored strange insipration can take you even when sourcing a cool title for a pic. It does have an image of two people in it though, maybe they are twins?

mmmmmmmmm tv.
(If you don’t know the above cartoon reference it will all seem quite odd really)???? Sorry about that but it has been one of those days that you want to find something fun to think about.


More fun viewing, reading, buying on the Bubble than making new stuff!!

I have figured out that I spend more time viewing the Bubble, reading the forums, looking at new stuff etc. than making things. Do other people also experience this problem?? I appear to run out of time, hmmmmmmmmm.

To try and make more of a contribution in a burst of energy yesterday I uploaded two new images ( 5 minutes effort) and then it takes to today to write something in my journal (yeah no more blog).
Blindfolded lady Words aren’t enough

Then my energy changes direction again and I roam around and I discovery some great images and out comes the credit card again and I eagerly await my next arrival of gatorboard goodies.

Tick tock where’s the mailman????

If you can’t make it, buy it!!!!!!!

Ninja be thy Name

Loving the black t—shirts and as Ninja’s are passioante fans of the black, stealth, Pj’s and the like I have updated my Ninja Occupation T-shirt.

Occupation – Ninja

I have a couple of others to update as well and upload later.

I hope you like them.

Bubble Up one and all.



Pirate wallpaper

Hi there Bubble world,

It’s a magic Monday in Melbourne with a cracking 25 degrees expected today and a whole week of holidays still ahead. After a week off the bubble I now have the time to browse and take in the cool images once again. There is some amazing stuff floating around.

I have uploaded an image

Pirate Wallpaper

which is just a bit of fun had on a lazy sunday.

Catch you one and all and have a brilliant day.

Bubble up :)

hmm blogging - it's not the same as a journal

Just not quite into the whole Blogging name thing, really liked the idea of a journal more. I think journals evolve over time and are more likely to involve asking questions etc. when blogging seems more like a collection of statements and well you know it just BLOGS. Maybe it’s just semantics???…

There has been a lot said already so I don’t know if the Bubble elves will change it or not or maybe put it to a vote but I wait to see what will happen. The rest of their changes have been pretty awesome and they do deliver one heck of a website.

I use to put up a note saying if I added a new piece of work when I eventually got one finished but not sure whether too anymore. Navigating is a bit different and not as obvious so I will add a link here and see what happens.


Anyway that is it

Need title for picture - Suggestions please

Hi Bubbleverse,

I have just uploaded a new image that desperately needs a name. It is untitled at the moment and I always want to give my images a name as the final step but nothing seems right. I am brain dead on a a saturday night and need all the help I can get. I am not even that confident in knowing how this request will be seen until I get a grip on the Bubble changes.

Can you please suggest a title to fit this image?

Thanks Bubbler’s.

Ninja sold - Who's the secret buyer????

The happy dance goes a little like this, circle the arms to the left, then a quick flick back to the right on a big day add some running man.

Yeah I sold my Ninja t-shirt but I don’t know who the mystery buyer is!!!!

I would love to send out a thankyou to this fabulous person, possibly worker of the IT industry that bought this shirt you have made my morning, day, week.


They may not reveal themselves being a Ninja they are all about stealth so in case you don’t big thanks and never give up your night job.

Pet Thread in Forums started by Daijiro - Show and Tell some very cool pics.

I don’t go into Forums that often but there is a very funny one that is show and tell for your pets started by Daijiro.

There are a lot of pet lovers on the Bubble so pop in there and leave pictures of your loved ones. I will be interested to see how big the thread can get. Shyggrl you need to put in some pics of Mags and Bronson.

See Link below

Link to Show and Tell Pet Forum

Good on ya Daijiro for starting it :)

Updated - Skipping Girl

Hi All,

I have been updating a series I worked on about skipping girl. I found that the other images weren’t as strong as I liked when I printed them out so I have played around with them further and got them into better sizes for cards etc. I will probably take the other ones down but am l am bit loath to loose all the lovely comments and favourite listings. I don’t want an overkill in the portfolio but then again this is all for play anyway. You learn a lot as you muddle your way along when you are self taught and have a few extra hours.

Check them out below and see what you think. The story of Skipping Girl is attached to the images and if you live in Melbourne you will probably know her.

Bubble up one and all and roll on Friday 6pm :)

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait