Buy other people's cards - Darth says go for it

Go on you know you want too!!!!! Take the plunge and start collecting your own Empire of Cards just like Darth.

His choices are known only to the Universe and he must keep collecting. Will you be next?

Make Darth stand up and take notice of your committment to the Force and not evil by buying from your favourites and making an artist’s day.

Lets generate so many sales Red Bubble explodes with activity like a Death Star, etc etc. million other Star Wars references.

P.S. Quality of cards is outstanding (glossy and heavy) cheaper than most cards in the shops.

Darth captured some additional cards 2 weeks ago but they got sent off a bit quick for birthdays before he did inventory, (eg. Whirligig, love the meerkats).

Buy Buy Buy. It will make you feel good :)

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