First Art work up, yeah computer battle over.

Yeah I have finally uploaded some things for the first time into the Bubble. I usually roam around buying and this time I am sharing which feels just as exciting.

After many hours of trying I was able to load everything the way the elves need it as my photoshop experience is less than minimal.

I am happy to say that ever time I got stuck i just free roamed around the forums for advice and it was there. Another beautiful thing about this site is that people are so willing to help each other.

Below are the links to the images/t-shirt if I have done it right. Once again beginner status circles my every move, not just with the art but even with the systems to make it happen. It’s lucky this is not my day job.





If you have any suggestons please feel free to leave comments and especially any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Bubble Up Everyone,



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