Yeah I love the pictures I bought - check them out

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited my first purchases from Red Bubble have arrived and they look fabulous. I have uploaded them to my portfolio which is a bit of a laugh as I am a buyer not a seller so they are the only image there. The only thing you may see in there would probably be my own expanding Red Bubble gallery.

I bought the 3 images from the Kookylane/Fire Rabbit series as I think they are a creative blast. I must pass on my thanks to the girls for their work on these as they look fantastic. I would be very interested in another two of similar dimensions if they keep the series going. It’s a big wall (lol)

I found out about Red Bubble from a link from Fire Rabbit off ebay where I was shopping for Art. Her link on ebay suggested buying off Red Bubble instead and I have been on-line ever since. Its a very addictive site and everyone seems so nice and supportive of each other and the impressive talent that is on line has me hooked.

I have sent the image to earswide open but I just thought I would put a line here as well to tell the girls how happy I am with the images.

I will keep on shopping for some more images this weekend as our bare walls need some more creative inspiration on them.

Keep up the great work everyone.

Cheers Zee1

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