Cool images of Melbourne wanted to buy

Hi Everyone,

I am new to Red Bubble and I must say I love it. I am not an artist but someone interested in buying some cool images to go on the wall. I have made my first purchases today and with a little more wall space available I am looking for some funky images of Melbourne either as cartoons or photos.

eg. close up of Skipping girl, the Nylex sign, crowds going to the MCG, an older style tram etc.

If you are out and about taking photos or trying to think of an idea, can I steer you in that direction. I can’t guarantee I will buy it but have a look at my favourites and you may get an idea of what I like.

Also keep up the fabulous work everyone it is amazing and inspiring. The team at redbubble also deserve a pat on the back for outstanding service. Good choice to list with these guys and I hope you all sell a bucket load of your works.



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