hmm blogging - it's not the same as a journal

Just not quite into the whole Blogging name thing, really liked the idea of a journal more. I think journals evolve over time and are more likely to involve asking questions etc. when blogging seems more like a collection of statements and well you know it just BLOGS. Maybe it’s just semantics???

There has been a lot said already so I don’t know if the Bubble elves will change it or not or maybe put it to a vote but I wait to see what will happen. The rest of their changes have been pretty awesome and they do deliver one heck of a website.

I use to put up a note saying if I added a new piece of work when I eventually got one finished but not sure whether too anymore. Navigating is a bit different and not as obvious so I will add a link here and see what happens.


Anyway that is it for my BLOG entry.

Have a fun weekend one and all and as I now embark on two weeks holiday, (yeah for a bit of snowboarding) I will know doubt be roaming around another day.

Bubble Up:)

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