Comment to all those on my watchlist, all those who are watching me, all those I have favourites from, all those who have favourited my work and everyone else churning the wheels on the Bubble...

I have never been much good with words, or generally with expressing myself the way I’d like to.
Generally, I have an attention span of a sparrow – or a Magpie – Ohhhh Shinieeeeeee … swush .. gone she is…
In such, I am surprised, how many hours I can spend on red bubble, browsing through galleries, looking at my favourites over and over and over again without ever getting bored.
The Bubble – or more – the Artists of the Bubble make me go through the motions. I feel everything on here starting from joy about the great pictures, the fantastic scenes, and the big hubub of talents all over all the way down to deepest envy.

So often, I go through the galleries of the ones I watch, and just hovering over the comments button without then commenting not at all. There is just no words, that describe what for example Pauldrobertson’s Words and Arts arise in me.

So many people are doing their fantastic photography, painting, writing for a good purpose. Mundy Hacket, Steve Bulford, Lisa Putman – just to name a few. Looking at their pictures makes me go all awed and sad at the same time – sad because I cannot just click on the buy button to support them. And again, I lack the words for comments that express more than “great job” alone..

On this Bubble there is a majority of great jobs… fantastic works, great art, wonderful photography. Just two days ago, I found two more photographers living in Austria, whose galeries blow me away. And I know, looking at everyone on here – featured, non-featured, appreciated, overseen in the masses… What everyone does is more than just “great job”, “fantastic work”, “great DOF”, “great talent” – it’s a part of themselves, everyone shared. A part of their lives, a part of whatever is dear to them. And this is what makes me glad to see – to find so much emotion, so much classique and so much depth in the Bubble.
And just adding another “fantastic” to already existing 25 greats, excellents & outstandings doesn’t truly express what I REALLY want to say…

I am not commenting everywhere and a lot. I am not commenting each and every single picture people from my watchlist upload – if you expect this, I am sorry, I failed your expectations. But words could never express how your art touches me. Sometimes, I stop and a picture remembers me of something I have experienced – I add a few lines and thank for arousing the memories. I like sharing the “little stories”, and still – the words just don’t cut it…

So this is just my general comment to go out there… To thank you all (just to blow into the same trumpet as all the other Thank You letters ;c) ), for watching, commenting, browsing, clicking, favouriting, hovering, lurking,…

(Sorry if I offended someone with my sentimental, sappy stuff :c/ … )

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