*le sigh* - Photographic Frustration ...

… How bad can it get… We went into the mountains yesterday and I filled 2 GB cards with photos. Walked 8 hours and climbed with the camera bag on my back over waterfalls and rivers, rocks and hills. Always with the panorama of the Mountains in the background. The weather was great. Clear skies, the odd cloud in there once in a while, nice and warm.

When I came home, I realized or rather, my BF realized: “Are you crazy? You shot everything at ISO 1600 ????”

Coming from film, I put in a film which I check for ISO once and then don’t bother again about ISO. I never checked the ISO number. Apart from 1 picture – which still is not great – I can toss everything out: Way overexposed pictures, horrible colouring, etc. … 1 whole day dragging the cam around for nothing, nothing, nothing :c( … That hurts…

sigh I guess I won’t make THAT mistake again…

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