Whooohooo :D

I finally got my PS to work again (stupid me it was the alignment that made the writing vanish!), though I still don’t know what causes the photos to have negative values if I open them from CD …

Either way, my first pictures, that I shot with my analogue Canon EOS 33 are online:

… Edit: Gah… this won’t show linked pictures (won’t accept HTML) I guess I’ll have to ask you to click on my overview to see them.
The analogue ones are Night over CIty all and Snail’s Cockaigne (with more to follow within the next few hours).

Unfortunately the Negative Scan of the store isn’t the greatest quality.
But I broke my personal record: Out of 36 fotos on a roll betwen 6 and 10 turned out not too bad at all :D

Maybe I am learning slowly after all about lighting and ISO and shutterspeeds, etc ;c) …


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