Inspiration. Where does it come from? Does the brain juice up chemicals and channels itself to a tune that radically lines symetry and synergy? Shit There is no way to know. I can only say that there is something that definately drives us and in some crazy way makes sense out of what to others may just see as senseless fucking jabber. The beat we march to is different in everyone of us and we should not take that for granted. Pop music composers have what I like to call a common demoninator with the rest of us, or maybe the majority, surely taking in consideration cultural education and all sorts of other outer influences and factors. Its those that transend and stand out and alone regardless of positve or negative feedback from thier sorroundings and fellow brothers, that find true meaning to their time here on earth.

Shit!!! For all its worth (To you all, probably not much but, I lost the point I was trying to get across to you) Fuck it, at least I’m not watching primetime television and feeding on the system’s own MSG, and belive me it comes in all forms.

The way I see it, either I’m crazy, or I’m a genius… Or I could just be like the majority and just be wishing I was a breed apart.

Where do I get my inspiration from, you ask?

Well, I think I get my inspiration from pain, the desire to find meaning to what sometimes seems meaningless, love, a pretty smile,the quiet whisper of "I love you "I once heard many years ago from an old girlfriend as I gently Invaded her body. You see, there is no need to be subtle anymore.

Until I grow up or give in and realize I can’t go against the wind all of the time or, I thrust to the next level of thinking thus not making my random thoughts I waste of my time and yours, I’ll keep on keeping on. The Good thing about my quest for the truth is that there is no solid answer and as ideas and principles do, the truth keeps changing… I’ll be busy for awhile and I think you should too. Trust me even senseless rants like mine have a meaning somewhere in the universe and in time.

See you on top of the mountain my friends and remember if the load you have is too heavy, its not a sign to drop it, but to prove to yourself, you are more than what you are right now. Have a wonderful day.

Jonathan Virgilio Baez

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