sometimes i live to sit alone in my room
play my music full blast and sing above the speakers until i offend the neighboors
i am me
its the middle of the night
a text a phone ring a simple notion that I should
I will be there
it true
its me
and I am me so i know
I always talk about life and home and loss and findings
but sometimes I just like to shut off
time is not real, its a tool
but no need for that now
I will just settle down
and take some time for me
walking talking living breathing contradiction
but I make sense to those I want to
and why
because that what I do
and I am me
being right being wrong
who really cares and least you are a human being
start acting like it
violent violet vicious victories are nothing unless there is a loser to make us feel
like we won
and for what?
what is pride?
I have lied, watch those who had everything to give die, and those who are still alive who have died, and repeatedly tired tried
dont throw in the towel, use it to wipe off the blood and go again
you have nothing to lose but everything
and once you have nothing you have nothing to lose right?
run as fast as you can then hold still
what is false and what is real?
just stupid rhymes of a crazy man who loves the life that he doesnt quite have yet
but hey…
thats me and I am me
I hate racism, I hate war, I hate evil
but for fucks sake havent I done them all?
nothing is funny when there is nothing to laugh at
so find humor in what you can
when the smile is gone
the soul has left years before
sometimes tears just fall for the thoughts that I keep locked upstairs
but I dont want to share
I still wait for when I can
i know I should but I dont
why should I
its my choice and I am me
tall short thin and fat
what can be noticed from a distance is what can be noticed at first light
but when there is no light and you still shine above it all
thats when I fall in love
and it doesnt make sense
but why should it
this is me writing
not you
and fuck off silly rabbit
i am me

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  • Joined: December 2008



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