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enjoy making direct work from natural materials in my prairie and wildlife sanctuary. / i am a very restless person and I work in many...


Merry Christmas my dear Friends!

I hope you are enjoying or have enjoyed your holidays!
This is one of the quietest ones I’ve ever had. My Dad is in the hospital recovering from knee surgery. What a great example of health and vitality. He said he went to several doctors with all of them making the diagnosis “You are old.” He said I knew that already. Finally considering how sharp and healthy he is at 91 . . . a good doctor agreed to a total knee replacement. As my Dad says, “Hey I got a lotta stuff to do!!!”
So today is dinner in the city with my brother and a visit to see Dad.
Here is a link to a reading I enjoy and I thought today’s was especially good.…

Feast of the Incarnation of God in Christ

Silence as the Heart of Prayer

When peaceful silence lay over all, and when night had run half way her swift course, down from

Paper Wasp Nest follow up . . . .

Hello Friends, BIG KIDS, little kids, scaredy-kats and booberries!
Well I have the giant paper wasp nest and I will tell you how it went down.
First ~ I waited like a hungry honey bear for two hard frosts to wipe out the wasps.
I went over to the apple trees, where they had piggishly decimated my lovely meager apples . . . they ate circular caverns into the sides . . as if building forts made of apple. Today I checked. There were a few dead ones lying in the apple graveyard. I poked the apple with a stick. Yep. dead as doornails ~ what ever that means. :)) They were dead indeed or faking pretty well.
Soo . . I got a big clear heavy gauge plastic bag, long handle clippers, leather gloves, a small aluminum ladder, took a deep calming breath~ mustered up my gall . . . .
I said Honey? Will you re…

been sick . . .

Hey y’all . . .I have missed many posts and interactions with you my friends. Been sick as a dog. I was just saying how I haven’t been sick in a long time . . . gee was I bragging? maybe a little. Don’t be a dope like me and brag. Enjoy your health.
This is the worse virus I can remember. every day it changes. new symptoms. a couple hours where you actually think Gee, I am getting better . . then WAM another slam dunk. I was running hard for a while, still struggle with balance, so I was run down. Students are always sick and they come up to use my computer to show their art on the large overhead screen . . . so I know I am dancing my fingers on the same keyboard and I remember thinking . . . Dang! I forgot my hand sanitizer wipes! Bad timing and it cost me. bad.
Especially in flu seaso…

wordless . . with a little buzzing

words are very powerful.
music is very powerful.
song is very powerful.
sound can be too.
sometimes . . . i go very quiet. i need quietness and solitude. I experiment with sound at times to express without words . . well – express many things. I was calling peace . . . so I do not know why, but my speakers hummed or buzzed – whatever the right word is and I wonder why? kinda funny really . . . i am calling peace and the speakers are buzzing with me . . . uninvited. hahahaha Anyway . . . If you view/listen, you should turn your speaker down a little. it seems to help with that annoying buzz. :)) As always any feedback is gratefully welcome but never required. :)

never too busy to be loved . . . .

Time has been a blur lately. Sure I prefer to have projects and events to work towards and look forward to . . . . but always balance, that elusive balance point . . . is so hard to hit right. I am too restless to endure boredom, but on the other hand it distresses me to be non-stop busy. I need breaks, open space, at least a couple slow mornings a week and a few late night down time hours. I can literally sit in a chair with a cup of coffee in my quiet studio and just disappear into open internal mental landscapes. It is very refreshing and a needed form of meditation that grounds me and puts me in order.
I delivered a huge amount of work to a gallery on Sunday and more work to a different gallery on Monday. Tuesday I needed to customize by hand, then mount/wrap 10 prints and finish a pa…

Don't stop looking for solutions.

Hey Folks! I wanted to share something with you in the hopes that it may encourage someone that needs it.
As a diabetic for over 45 years, I have always been careful to take GREAT care of my feet in any way possible. This summer I ended up with some major foot problems due to 2 different issues. One, my kitty playfully pounced on my foot and deeply scratched it in 4 places. I was bare footed and working in my studio. I am usually NOT bare foot when my cat is around. Well~ he got me good. I wiped it with alcohol and just kept on working. I should have taken more care. I will IF there is a next time. It became infected and a few strange occurances resulted in a very nasty infected wound. For TWO MONTHS! I did not swim much or use my hot tub because that is a big risk. It slowed me down and…

i just changed my brain chemistry . . . .

There is so much hard stuff going on, tragedy and sadness in this world . . . I shake my head with helplessness. . . . I broke down and just cried . . . .and I won’t even take that thought any further here. Enough for now. I have a collection of joke books, Far side, Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbs . . . I have disappeared for hours to regroup . . it is even better if you share it with someone.
I just watched this video and I know it shifted my brain chemistry back into a better place. Does laughter solve anything? I think it can help hit the reset button. . . . and buy you some time to reconsider what beauty and goodness you have to share in this world. Laugh with me. Good and hard. Regroup.


does this ever happen . . . ???

Hey Folks!
I have noticed something on my “manage works” feed . . .
I have 12 recent posts of art in a row that have well over 500 views/few comments and SUPER quick. It’s like going viral . . somewhere? Has it got to do with the RB changes? I don’t tag my works. So I do not know. Is this happening to anyone else . . . i hope . . .

more changes . . . .

Well ~if you have tried to upload an image, you have discovered more RB changes.
I added an image 1.4 MB, not a large file. It 30 mimutes to upload . . . because RB has set this new process up to upload to 5 different templates simultaneously.
I dont want to sell pictures of my face on iphone covers, t-shirts, tote bags and pillows, as well as prints and cards. . . . . shouldn’t we have a choice in all this?

RB attracted some of the brightest talent in one place for artists/photographers and writers and I will always treasure the many friendships I have made here. Unfortunately changes like this really turn many people off, including myself.

Has anyone found a way around this or is this permanent?

A loving Hello from Iris . . . ..

Hey Everybody,
I want to pass on a message from our dear friend Iris. She is under the weather right now and struggling with low energy. Iris asked me to pass on a loving Hello and kind thought to all of YOU her friends here. She misses all of us and wants us to know that she will be here in spirit until she can participate more fully. Loving thoughts from Iris to you.
We love you Iris!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

thoughts on riding/navigating the creative flow . . .

I am off from teaching for the summer. I look forward to this change up of routine, but I am taken by surprise again and again. I forget that the transition period is usually uncomfortable. I don’t know why, maybe it is denial. I need a certain amount of quietness, space and down time in my life. As I grow older, no doubt I handle certain situations better, swifter, return to balance and move on with more efficiency. I also seem to take on more and what was once impossible is now do-able . . . but exhausting. We only have so much time and so much energy. When I am in a high activity period – crazy working and running around . . I get behind in emotionally processing the everyday events/states of life. When everything finally stops, I find I crash, collapse and am overwhelmed by the level …

Wish me Luck!! :)

Tonight is the opening reception for my show as the feature artist of a new gallery. It is a small space for the work, but nicely curated. I am grateful for the experience and appreciation. I was kind of blown away the other day, to realize that I actually have art hanging in 5 galleries right now. Two pieces are part of permanent collections. I am out of my comfort zone and find I need and am developing new skills. I would love to say that it’s all NEW ART SKILLS, but it is more on the order of self management and people skills. I woke up in pain this morning. I did not resist it. As I fully felt it and allowed it freedom, something began to emerge . . . the pain was about more fully entering into unknown place/space in this world via a more full inhabitation of my personal space . . . w…

transition . . .

Let the exhaling begin . . . .
Grades to talley and a report to finish, but today was the last teaching day of school . . . a particularly sweet end.
Such good people these students are. I had taught a new Color Theory class and I asked them to fill out a feedback form on both classes with very specific questions to help me assess needed changes. They were very helpful, kind and funny. So honest. I said No names required and yet most signed their names. They wrote so much and not just quick responses but detailed suggestions to my questions . . . . And then so many lingered . . . instead of rushing out, they hung out and visited.
And to top it off, a troubled gal that had a beef with me from last semester was standing in the hall on crutches with a bandaged knee. I approached her with concer…

Kitty Kat Communique

We all have our dear little critters (or big critters) that we love and are connected to.
We have our bits and ways of connecting too . . . .
Here’s a snippet of me and lil’ Bear having a wee snuggle. I don’t always talk babytalk to him . . . but yeah sometimes I do. and birdspeak. Gosh I wonder what I am actually saying in bird language? :))

Kalinka dinka!!!

For your smiling enjoyment
May I suggest. . . .
Tweet! TWEEEET!! Clap clap PEoPLE of Earth!!
Please view the sign up sheets and get your name on the list as soon as possible.
Tryouts are at the end of the week. Of course everyone will WANT to wear the bear costume. Keep in mind you must be EXTRA nimble to dance in heavy wool bear suit!! It is also very hot in there and last info suggests squirrels were storing nuts in costume so be very careful to shake out thoroughly! Okay someone also said it smelled weird in there. I am not trying to discourage future bear dancers, just warning you aside from the obvious JOYS of “being the Bear of Honor” it requires a tolerant sense of smell, extra strength, nimbleness and great humilty and love of mankind.
Now no fighting, no wedgies or depantsing . .

oh hullo.

hullo my friends.
It was necessary for me to take a break, but I am glad to come back.
It’s always great to see everybody and hang out here!! :))
here is a journel clip if you got the time or inclination. I am so happy in this video because I was finally healing. I had fellen and had really hurt myself and felt like it was taking forever till I could walk okay. Our dear AutumnWind ~ Shar ( or Muffy as I like to call her) turned me onto that Happy Dance video that went viral!.Of course we’re all sick of it now . . . so i left out MY dancing part! hahah :)) Happy First Day of SPRING!!
oh BTW- this is a super crappy video.

can a song make you happy?

Can a song make you happy?
it can for me!
while I swear candy IS a drug.
I think certain songs are too!!
Now believe me when I say, I got my share of problems. BIG ones, little ones, some that are managable, frankly some that aren’t . . . mind-effing conundrums, situations that need my attention, urgent things, long standing things, annoying unsolvable things and amid it all, still the Queen of Goofing Around . . .
Sometimes when I am overwhelmed . . . . I take a wtf break. And it helps. Course i still have the same problems . . . :))
I guess it dont take much to channel the inner kittykat. hahaha Love this nutty song and Paul Hickson had a funny post and posted the original video for this.
I started singing it and decided to draw a Nancy Sinatra portrait, (with a tw…

experi ~ mental clips . . .

playing . . but you know sometimes playing around can really lead to wonderful discoveries and so I do . . let myself . . play around with creative things. Pretty much every body of work I have done started with playing . . .
I had heard this amazing music and it deeply touched me. I found myself responding to it and it was more than cathartic and then I turned on the camera and shut my eyes to just be. There are two clips, same music, slightly different responses. There are parts I like in both and parts that I realize do not work.
I would appreciate any feedback.
The first one is 3:22 minutes and think 2:45 works a bit.
and the second one is 3:56 with a part starting at 2:15.
Sometimes another’s work can move you out of one place to another better place.
I suppose one could argue now th…

Hey Darlin's!!

Hi Everybody, I just got back in town a couple days ago and wanted to say hi and tell you what I was up to. Hope everybody is well and full of good new years energy.
Sorry to have been gone so long, I did not have internet access for much of the time. I am here now. Love to you ALL.
Check out my video post iffen you have the time and inclination. :))

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