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enjoy making direct work from natural materials in my prairie and wildlife sanctuary. / i am a very restless person and I work in many...


Oh Give me a Home . . . . .

Well . . . the year’s been full of surprises and changes. I would have to say two of the more unusual requests made of me were:
1. My brother called me from Washington to specifically ask me if I would like to buy a town. Would I . . . . ?? You bet!!! I’d love to BE Mayor of Yvoncaville or maybe Yvoncalina. Ha haa. I say . . . more details please!!
My brothr’s friend had bought a town in Montana, super small and it was going on the auction block. I can’t remember how expensive it was but really I could only afford a pile of rocks so I passed. It was sure fun planning and speculating and dreaming up some town festivals in my honor for 4 glorious hours. kidding of course. but damn . . . it was one of the few times I seriously wished I had a big sack of dough.
Probably be a lousy investment.…

Whad I miss?

Hey Guys!!
Thanksgiving was a shamshing success. My studio is completely cleaned and reorganized. Wow. You wouldn’t believe ALL the stuff I found, Socks and tools, pants, inks, reference material, socks, my lucky pen, overdue bills, receipts, that overdue library book, a pair of pants I cried over losing, the rest of my laundry . . more other socks, my medication, business cards, my passport, the other earring, half written poems and drawings oh and a little piece of my sanity. not the whole chunk, but very happy to be surrounded by some order again. Bigggg job. Everything is not completely back to normal yet, my Dad just went back in the hospital today and tomorrow is open heart surgery for him. I have family in town and it will be crazy for a few more days.
Just wanted to say Hello. Mi…

avatars . . I have known and loved

My latest avatar is . . . guess! Oh come on be a good sport. okay, I’m tell ya, quit whining. Rex Harrison. whata hunk. and how.
Loved him in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.
I also had a picture of my feet as my avatar. Someone told me they felt a little funny talking to feet. :))
A big tasty sandwich was probably my fav. It was a maple bacon, lettuce and tomato on lightly toasted Italian bread with a smear of horseradish and a whisper of thinly sliced red onion.
dang that was a good sandwich.

yeah I change my avatar . . . alot. :)
boy this was a big waste of time, unless you grinned. Then it was alll worth it.
x. love you girls and guys!!!

more stuff about chickens . . .

A chicken and an egg are lying in bed. The chicken is smoking a cigarette with a satisfied smile on its face and the egg is frowning and looking put out. The egg mutters to no one in particular, “I guess we answered that question.” ~Author Unknown


I set a goal this year to get accepted into 10 juried exhibitions.
I got number 9 and number 10 acceptance notice on the SAME day.
Technically number 10 exhibit will actually show on Jan 10 2013 . . . . but I accepted in 10 now and it’s only Oct. 20.
I will still try for a few more to smash dunk the record . . all gravy.
Nothing like painting in my own studio, beautiful Fall leaves all around through every window, my Dad is resting comfortably at home waiting for a surgery date, smell of crockpot of Thai coconut chicken soup simmering, good music . . . nobody bugging me . . . kitty cat sleeping in the loft with his little paws hanging over the edge of the railing . . . i can only think of one thing to complete paradise. . . . but let’s not be greedy.
It’s a good day on planet y. and I am effi…

me and bear and the sparkles

so many little interactions with bear . . he was a constant presence, whether I went out to draw, take pictures or just study and enjoy nature, he was always my companion. A funny quiet little gentleman, he came when I called him and talked a lot. He also talked with his tail. I am trying to just be grateful now that I had the pleasure of his company . . . This was shot in January this year. It was very strange to have 50 degree days in winter. I was outside talking to God and those colored lights showed up. I have seen these before but I never knew they were actually visable . . . i mean to anyone besides me. So it was pretty cool to see it did show up on film. This is raw and unedited.

a request . . .

little bear ~ my kitty has been gone three days . . i know dogs gone- back. now the cat wants to be the prodigal. sad. hope he is well. so many coyotes around these wild places. come home lil bear.
My Poppa has pneumonia and had a heart attack. He just came home from hospital. I am going to give him a foot massage and bring a Calvin and Hobs book to read together.
I love my Dad. please say a prayer for my Dad and my kitty. thank you.


dogs found. stop. 5 miles from house. cornfield being cut down. stop.
filthy dirty. ticks and fleas. cuts and mudcakes on their knees.stop.
raw pink noses sprayed by skunk. stop. brought them home in back of trunk.
well hatchback really :))
(like orphan angels)
washed and bathed them. now they’re sleeping.
hold my nose de skunk iz reeking.
oh pugh weee. happy day.
a miracle really.
oh give thanks. Lord I’m exhausted.
and thanks for prayers and good thoughts!!

hello to all you Kittycats!!

Hi you dear guys, I hope you all are well. Missed you so while I took my mental adjustment needed break. I get choked in too many things sometimes and must regroup. Couple of big projects needed attention, two upcoming shows including one I am helping curate of my students graphic design work as they tried their creative hand at a Milton Glaser Bob Dylan style poster. That will be a great Fall show. I am in a big one too with my Land Art work.
Unfortunately my dogs took off 5 days ago. Last seen chasing something into a massive corn field. Done everything I know to find them. Vanished. Nobody seen nothing. Say a prayer for their safe return. I alternate between disbelief, shock, sorrow and hope. I have lost some of my productive head of steam that was just really cooking on my own personal…

My Friends and Fellow Countrymen . . .

Hello all you lovely people in the Bubble Kingdom.
Just a heads up here, school is coming down the track and as usual, I have many many works to finish up before the semester begins. Time to take a break here, bear down and focus on a few critical things. I feel very fortunate to be part of such a wonderful group, I count you all as such a blessing and shall look forward to catching up in a week or so.
See you soon. xx


5:00AM . . . the heavens openned and the clouds shook out the rain. It pounded the earth for 30 minutes and then stopped. I lie in bed listening the whole time. I wept gratefully. A bird came to the branch by my window and sang the sweetest song I can remember . . . .I jumped into my jeans and went out into the fresh morning. Pockets of birds, sang and chattered. . . . . the drought has ended. the drought has ended.I came back to tank up for some labor and made some knothole eggs and coffee. I put on my work gloves and went out to weed. Weeding is so sooo easy after rain. As I was finishing a section . . . it began to rain again . . a long steady light rain. I stayed and weeded in the rain. Deep peace. Something about that rain on my face and arms . . . I am soaked. really soaked. I …

pointless nonsense . . .

i just called my girlfriend and left 30 seconds of chicken clucking on her answering machine. I’ll be vwwery intewrested to find out if she can twanslate.
I went from very loud exciting BA CAWWW BA CAWW clucking to a soft tender sleepy buckkk clicka cluck cluck.
I’m taking care of the chickens next door. We friends.
no really I am.
I get to eat fresh eggs. :))
hello is this thing on?
okay back to work for me.
hey I was just taking a break . . . .

an unexpected twist

the unexpected
makes the unexpected
and the expected


not mine.
brought me great joy
and is true
especially now.
Wanted to share it with anyone that it may speak to.

if I had . . . reading

okay . . probably my last one of this series. It was kinda fun and interesting . . I learned alot doing these about editing sound to motion. Now I need a better video camera and to get outta my studio and film outside. Anyways, thank you for your loving (and tolerant) support. The quality is poor, I was experimenting with lesser quality which equals WAY quicker uploads. Be sure to play this one through to the end. Kinda shumlzy . . . Aha haaa. so sue me. :)))


These are my words . . . .

Playing with some film experiments . . . dont really know what I am doing but doing it anyway. hahah.
This is meant to be a personification of Female Wisdom.
I always loved Matthew Henry’s commentary. He remarked on when the \the Lord took the rib from Adam’s side to make Eve . . “Adam~ it seems was formed from mere dust . . while Eve is . . . Eve is dust refined”. I love that.…

Here is a reading

These are my words . . . .
follow me ~ if you will
I will stop and wait for you
follow me ~ if you care
I am a worthy pursuit
follow me ~ if you dare
I am on the edge of becoming a fish slipping into the beyond

meet me ~ in the newness of the beginning
I must have adventure
meet me ~ in between the heights of commotion
I must have peace
meet me ~ face to face on our minds pillow
I must have communion

walk wi

reading . . of senses, sound and smell.

welll . .
i have been experimenting with video and although I love garageband for the audio, sometimes the visual is good in the fullest of experience.
Trying to grow and expand into other forms of creativity. Please feel free to be critical in your feedback, because really that is how we grow. You know how to do it . . find something nice to say . . . then when you have suffiently buttered the tray . . say the hard thing that you think that needs to be said.
Some good reading parts that worked well in this, good connection with the camera at the end, but I need to put some thought into the background visual . . my messy studio detracts.


i may regret this . . .

ha haa. so silly. but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. always makes me happy when I hear it. This goofy vid cracks me up because that little kid in me . . well just ain’t never gonna grow up. and that’s okay with me. And this song always makes me want to dance too. I made this at the end of January this year. In mid- February, I saw I was losing weight quickly . . . strength and hair . . and the ability to sleep . . . then my peace. for a while. it sucked. I have been very fortunate as an insulin dependent diabetic of 43 years to enjoy such good health for so long. There are of course no guarantees in life . . . for anything. well, we will all get old and die . . stuff like that is guaranteed.
Anywho . . . I am on the mend, good report today . . markers of health returning and actually I…

Three Cord Cut video

Raymondo had made a suggestion that I do a reading of this piece. Thanks R. :))
I took a stab at it. not sure if it works. Maybe it’s just schumaltzy but I rweally AM tired and probably still need more recovery time. Thank goodness I have some time off to rest. Although I do need to kick it into gear pretty soon.
Thanks for any input. Please feel free to give feedback – all critiques welcome.
won’t stay posted long.


Coyote Conference . . .

I don’t what decision they came to . . . but it is always interesting to listen in on a Coyote Conference. Nothing to see here, but I find their native tongue so dang engaging to listen to. when I whistled, there was a delay in their stopping, because I believe it took a moment for the one that heard it to alert the pack. My tickling question is HOW? In a yipping and scatting pack with all that layered audio, what did the one do to seize the attention of the rest? This I would like to know.
Growl low on a different frequency?
Move with intensity toward my direction and they read his body language?
Emit a warning scent, body chemistry change??
Nip the yippers?
I would like to know this. :))
I enjoyed the experience for a little bit. Then . . . . it’s enough already.
Alright break it up Fe…

marching song . . .

I was talking with a friend yesterday, who is also a teacher. just laughing about the joy of teaching and leadership and how humour is often a part of it.
silly made up marching song that I spontaneously recorded a piece of.
yeah this won’t be up for long.
youtube video here

here’s the whole written piece. hah!

Women in Art

If you have never seen this piece it is a true winner and well worth 2:53 minutes of your time. Cheers. :))

500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art
Music: Bach’s Sarabande from Suite for Solo Cello No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007 performed by Yo-Yo Ma
Nominated as Most Creative Video
2nd Annual YouTube Awards

Women in Art

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait