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transition . . .

Let the exhaling begin . . . .
Grades to talley and a report to finish, but today was the last teaching day of school . . . a particularly sweet end.
Such good people these students are. I had taught a new Color Theory class and I asked them to fill out a feedback form on both classes with very specific questions to help me assess needed changes. They were very helpful, kind and funny. So honest. I said No names required and yet most signed their names. They wrote so much and not just quick responses but detailed suggestions to my questions . . . . And then so many lingered . . . instead of rushing out, they hung out and visited.
And to top it off, a troubled gal that had a beef with me from last semester was standing in the hall on crutches with a bandaged knee. I approached her with concern. She told me about a fight she had been in . . . I looked at this girl of beauty, in this moment speaking so sweetly about a violent fight in which she was pushed down the stairs~ sigh . . . what forces rage in some of these creative ones . . . . we ended up having a quiet and loving exchange. Barrier dissolved.
Be at peace with all men, miss no opportunity.
I am very grateful.

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