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I am looking forward to a really great party that is coming up this weekend. I will not only attend, but participate and be very observant of how this event goes. Here is the name and theme of this party . . . . The Special Effects Party.
This is being thrown by a couple of husband and wife artists, I worked with the man and he has a long background in traditional works. The idea behind this party is that we all take our turn as performers and audience in a fun evening that will be full of surprises. The host suggest we wear old clothes and Good running shoes. ha haa and not be afraid to get squirted splashed etc. We bring to the table either a KNOWN special effect or we use this time to work out an experiment. I LOVE this concept!! So far I have not nailed exactly WHAT I will do. I need to decide, and I will probably do more than one thing. One idea I have is to project a movie I made of swaying grass onto a wall and let the image be projected on me and others and then dance with the grasses in the wind. naked. not. LOL. I am kidding. I would wear white clothes though so the image shows up on my back. So I am thinking light, movement, breaking out of the usual movie viewing format to integrate 2D with 3D. I have some other thoughts as well. :))) Makes me grin just thinking about it!!
Here’s the thing, I believe we need FUN. We really do. We need to be alive and laugh our heads off. I remember going to a talk done by an artist I admired. He talked about how he kept working bigger until he moved into spectacle . . Constructions of Viking ships on wheels, costume design and a group of fun frineds all participated in a parade of these theatrical kinds of events. I loved what he said about what happened at the end of the deal . . “people took off their costumes and masks” and he said . . “I swear to God, everybody looked like 10 years younger, because they just had had so much fun playing.” I was in the auditorium with my class at the time and when he said that I just stood up and whistled. ha haa. duh. got pretty quiet. I said I SO agree with you and I JUST loved your talk and this fabulous lesson. sorry for the outburst! But he knew and I knew . . . it was fine, coz EFFing A!! There is so much hard stuff to deal with in this world, we really do need to clear the deck sometimes.
I will report back.

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