Hyattsville, United States

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snowboarding at blue mountain

the air was fresh and crisp as I stared at those enormous slopes/bare except for the snowcaps that sprinkeled the mountaintop.
I began my trek toward the inevitable/a snowery mix of velocity, height and snow, propelling toward a wintery cascade, where reaching the bottom was the goal.
both balance and the committment to increase speeds of about 20-30 mph, allowed my departure to sail through the bumpy stages of an uneven slope/ forfeiting my phobias to bravery and a clean finish.
dense air riped through my senses like diving head-first into a pool of h2o increasing in speed and momentum resumed, and the finish-line neared.
applause from my family filled my soul as I canvased to a smooth stop/ at that moment, i will forever catagorize and log this memory. 3/15/2008 Blue Mountain, PA.

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