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2014, we are still in the Age of ever so Stupid

2014; we are still in the Age of Stupid…

In the 2009 climate change film “The Age of Stupid”, Piers, the wind-farm developer regrettably talks about the cutting down carbon energy waste;

“Exactly the opposite is happening
to the very thing that needs to happen.
These things need to be speeded up.
And actually, these things are getting slowed down…
Plenty of politicians are talking about it.
But when it comes down to it, it is just not happening.
It’s just not happening, folks…”

5 years after the film, we are still in the Age of ever so Stupid.

Huge corporations are still digging up more and more oil and other fossil fuels,
instead of investigating in renewable energy source development.
Corporate-driven governments are developing more ports to ship fossil fuels.
Hypocritical politicians and industry-leaders are still pushing through consumerism-propaganda…

People have popularised good eco-thoughts, but they are chained down by the system corporates dictate.
We ARE still relying on oil.
We are still ‘knowingly’ using up the oil that will not last forever.

The film ends with “There is just about still time” until the tipping point of carbon usage trends predicted in 2015.
It is now 2014.

We all want to save our world while we have a chance and power, don’t we??
Can we really afford to let handful of rich people to run this world??

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