Broken Camera

Some time around April 2011 Stevan Filipovic friend of mine ,took his Nikon D3 to get estimate at Andersons service cameras centre for Nikon .The reason for it was that the Nikon D3 did not power on, it was dead.

Andersons first mention that it was going to cost Stevan $75 to look at it and after Andersons technician will be able to give him and exact cost in the repairs of the NikonD3.
Andersons call Stevan by phone and mention to him that the total costs of repairing the Nikon D3 at Andersons was $462 plus $75 for the first service.
Andersons technician asked Stevan on the phone will you like to go ahead with the repairs Stevan replay yes please .
After some days Andersons call him to tell him that the camera did not power on after replacing some components like the DCDC SUB DCDC transistor perform full alignments unit within manufactures specs .
Andersons then decided to send the Nikon D3 to Sydney NIKON service department .
Nikon Service department gave Stevan another ESTIMATE in which NIKON SYDNEY wrote all circuit have been damage by a short out and need to be replace and that it will be possible that other circuit unit and components could be damage as well and NIKON add to the estimate “IT WILL BE UNECONOMICAL TO REPAIR” and it will increase the repairs costs from $462 + $75 which was the original estimate to $1878.11 .
It meant that more circuits units had to be replace which were " FRONT BODY FPC CONNECTION ,FPC REMOTE TERMINAL FPC,AF SENSOR UNIT MODE DIAL,FPC UPPER LCD ,FPC MAIN PCB ,DC/DC1 POWER TRANSISTOR ,DC-IN PCB FRONT BODY UNIT GRIP RUBBER APRON LOWER RUBBER CONENECTORS SIDE RUBBER.Dismantle replace part listed adjust reassemble check clean sensor and test.

What Stevan and I wonder was how from 3 circuit components more or less to that amount of short out circuit components.

And now that we all are in the small claims court and me as a witness .These court case has been dragging since 2011 talking to Stevans lawyer to the lawyers from Andersons insurance company.
Now has any one had any experience with ANDERSONS CAMERA REPAIR CENTRE IN QUEENSLAND.
I will like some feed back please from some of you

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