Second Journal Entry

Well, I haven’t been doing very well in the writing area for awhile, I’ve been blocked for three months now, and as for the photography, I don’t have a camera, so thats put on hold for awhile aswell. I just don’t know what to do at this point! Is it possibly to just dissapear from the face of the planet? It’s not like anyoneone would miss me much, or my shotty excuse for art. Well look at me tangled in despair, writing a journal, noone cares to read, and why should anyone care to read my drab stories of woe? It would simple be a waste of time, they could spend reading something meaningful and interesting, I guess I’m just bidding time until I must go on to another boring media class, and waste away a life that should never have been given to me, considering life should not be wasted! Goodbye for now, if anyone is reading this.

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