Apologies and Thanks to EVERYONE

I just wanted to apologize PROFUSELY for not keeping up with replies to all the lovely comments I have received. I wish real life left me enough time to spend on RB for hours and hours. I have met so many wonderful people and do so appreciate the time you take to comment and favor my work. I am guilt-ridden for not having the time to just peruse the beautiful work on the Bubble and say all I would like to say. I hate just saying “thank you” as a reply and “beautiful” as a comment. I tend to want to be a little more substantive, so I find myself way behind. I also type like a chicken…….“hunt and peck” so there you have it. Takes me forever to get a reply typed!!!!. Just know that I will comment and fav much more than I will reply…….and I am very much appreciative of your lovely comments to me.

………..XXXXX Katey

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