a walk to life

a walk to life

hi friends,
I’m proud to tell you that
I’m skipping class and
hiding in the toilet
trying to write this very beautiful song
forward slash poem
in a super bad ass english style and rhyme
some of you might experience numb, bump
some will give thumb up and some will make sound
some may sound it loud, oh man this is it
some even will become enlighten and decide to change
his forward slash her name in to Cuzi, Dubi, Xixi etc
I have no idea what I’m gonna write but I can feel the magic
magic in the yeaaaaaaaaaaaah airrrrrrrrr
people please breath
I know I guy named John and he’s a homeless
Ay are scared of him and zay think he’s nothing but a mess
I think I didn’t see him for about a year
Oh old John, please tell me you still stay zere
in the corner of that very unknown street
in this very big town Houston crazy yesthisishomeofaguynamedsmith
I want to tell you about this big John
he had a million winkles on his face
they grows fast in that very tired place
now the number must be two million and three winkles
Man, I don’t have even one in my face
life is unfair, it just bites me but leaves no scar
I don’t have nothing but pimples
pimples come and go they won’t stay
they’ll soon leave my face
and it will soon be naked
pimple won’t make good girlfriend
no good, me no like pimple
unlike winkle, I’m loving winkles
they came from a place call zinkle town
they were made from things called sinkles down
this idea might come from a dude called Dr. Suess
Dr. Suess, why do you distract me from the moo, hoo, zoo, too
cool, shoes, lool, hool in my studio huhu stu plus s
Ok, I’m back
But I’m tired of big John the millionaire winkles
Cuz it seems to me he’s nothing more than a selfish freak
Of course he doesn’t want to share winkle
He pretends he does not know
there are people who are needing it
Big John chooses to pursue a career in mathemati-it
oh man, he doesn’t want to be homeless no more
he wants a career too, he’s self taught in solving lottery calculus
he has his own formula, he makes his recipe called ready to go
John I’m disappointed… John… John please have some character with s
mathemati-it tycoon lottery ticket and Dr. Beer are so uncool
John, a millionaire winkles in asset is hard to find
John please listen to me, I’ve crossed many oceans
(in my opinion again… mmmm I add two more words of course)
to come to America (sadly I didn’t walk or take a boat)
Man, I flied on the sky to get here, hate me I’m lazy kid
anyway I know you truly one of a kind
God damn John
I left him to go to a gay place in Montrose street
to meet a lady called Misterie, I’m telling you
she’s one of a kind, if you don’t believe me
you must look at the way she fights
it’s so so awesomaniac
She walks in a dancing move
she dresses so cool and she is sophisticated
Oh man, she’s a happy jelly melly dude
i wish I could have that kind of happiness
So the bad ass in me came up with a great plan
How to steal happiness from a gay man
Just to let you know I’m working hard on it
it’s a good project to work on in case some of you
wanna join haha da da di da la la bla bla bla
Ok, I’m back
Oh forgot to tell you I’m the dude who loves to walk on dark streets
I just love walking walking and walking
and look at people driving here and there
they suddenly come from here and there
nowhere, from nowhere heading to nowhere
an unknowing place, even for a smart kid like me
still don’t know how to drive to it
but still they think they can do it
ok i don’t care
oneday when I was walking on a grey corner of
a place called The Place in Place Street
I met a guy who called himself a business man
he had a big bag of stuff and asked me to buy
(don’t worry it’s not weeds)
I don’t smoke (a tip from me to ladies who have long legs and happen to innocently like me – innocent is good I’m telling you – But you must pretend you don’t know, so it can be our secret)
I’m back… sorry dudes, I’m super easy to get distracted
I told him in reply, mister sorry me no money
He looked me in the eyes to reply, Sir please don’t lie
help me out it’s only five bucks
And I looked at him with curiosity
But what exactly is it?
a bag of souls you stole from the Dark
Is it bad? Is it super bad and hard to find?
tell me tell me tell me tell me
Oh my brother, the business man laughs
I’m sorry I’m tired
it’s 2 in the morning and I need to go to bed
I have school tomorrow you know
i think I might fail one class
it’s your fault, you know that don’t you
Ok see you later
god damn i forgot to sign

a walk to life

Beo Lo

Houston, United States

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Artwork Comments

  • Faith Magdalene Austin
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