A Violent Society, Guns and Bullshit

by George A. Yesthal

Before we decide that, the fact that we have access to firearms, or that we don’t give enough care to our mental health or that our lawmakers are remiss in passing and enforcing more and more laws against violence, etc. is our problem, why not take a look at our whole culture?

We are a violent society and we love it that way. We are fooling ourselves if we try to act outraged at the suggestion that we revel in it, because we do. And it will never change until we recognize it and change it, and not by legislation.

Our music, our TV programming, our literature, our video games are indeed blood-soaked. Even as far back as the 50s with the cop shows, the cowboy shoot-em-ups, the monster movies and pro wrestling.

Today we are force-fed a diet of zombie games and programming, glorified beautiful hero vampires and werewolves and succubus main characters that suck the life out of you, programs where the hero/main character is a serial killer, and outlaw bikers run a town like the chamber of commerce.

Our music is inundated with the concepts that it’s okay to kill and beat everybody, from the rival pimp or drug lord to the constable on patrol, and to do it with a jungle beat and bling bling packaging.

Our news is biased by whatever lobbying faction throws the most money at them and government has their hands deep in the network’s programming agendas with God only knows what degree of ulterior motives.

There are criminals running our country and when honest journalists (rare animals indeed) try to report objectively, they are vilified as conspiracy theorists and foil-hat psychopaths to be jeered at and avoided like the plague when the real villains and psychopaths are lobbying and “representing” in Washington and prescribing psychotropics for 9 year olds because they were vocal about not liking lima beans.

Our food is filled with GMO, preservatives and insecticides with an average millennium shelf-life and the people putting it there are running the world and making laws to strip honest farmers of their properties and possessions and jailing them because they sold whole milk or natural and organic cheese. And children’s lemonade stands across the land are being shut down just so we’re sure the little snots get the message as to who’s in charge.

The TSA and police are making illegal invasive searches of our persons and properties everywhere from the roadside to airports and embarcaderos and we are forced to inoculate our children with questionable drugs or they are deprived of their third rate education. And if we are too vocal in our disagreements we can be indefinitely detained and beaten and/or tortured as an example.

And we blame the inanimate but intrinsically evil gun for the advent of gratuitous violence in America. God forbid we should adopt any personal blame or responsibility. Yep…that makes sense.

A Violent Society, Guns and Bullshit

George Yesthal

Brodheadsville, United States

  • Artist
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