The United Church of Neo-atheism.

George A. Yesthal

I happen to believe in some form of God. I believe. I have no concrete evidence and so I can NEVER presume to defend my beliefs, so I don’t. I believe there is a binding force in the universe that responds to the energies we give out and governs by immutable laws of physics in response to our energies and our vibrations. I also believe wholeheartedly in quantum physics by which we may, one day, actually shake hands with “God”.

There are people who choose not to make any commitment to the concept of God at all but don’t discount the possibility. Agnostics. I counted myself among their numbers for years.

Then there are atheists, who expressly disavow the possibility of the existence of a God. I can thoroughly understand that point of view, have shared it at points in my life and support their right to their beliefs. For years these folks were compelled to sit on the sidelines and shake their heads at all the silliness religion, in all its trappings and manifestations, entailed. There was always a belief among them, which I happen to embrace, that religion is potentially dangerous, trite, presumptuous and has caused by far, more harm down through history, than good.

I believe, as they do, that to claim a personal connection with something as unknowable, (at least at our present level of technical ability) , as God, is the most arrogant expression of self-important delusion as can be expressed by mankind. Not only is it arrogant, but it fosters separatism, racism, prejudice and hatred in almost all cases, to varying degrees.

But lately there is a trend among some atheists to form groups, which for all intents and purposes, mimic the church meeting practices they label as ludicrous in the devout. They whine about religious people and their tenets and dogmas as if those people were coming into their homes and sacrificing their freedom to be godless on an alter of bibles and koran.

And here’s the odd thing that no atheist wants to admit. They are always so quick to denigrate the concept of faith when they, themselves are operating on a faith system. There can be no proof that there is no God. Certainly not yet. We haven’t the technology to make that call. Yet they have faith that God does not exist so they smugly look down their noses at people of faith and the very concept of faith. Now remember ,I am not defending religion either, but my point is, believe what you believe and stay out of other people’s face about it.

I object to the trendiness of it all too. If these atheists feel so all-fired threatened by the religious zealots, can they not see that all they are doing by mechanizing a hatred and indignation against them is fueling the conflagration? Which leads me to believe that these trendy groups have been sitting on the sidelines for all these years jealously coveting the type of brotherhood that religion offers but were afraid or simply unable to think of a way to share it.

Well they’ve finally done it. They are now loosely forming up into various groups of atheistic brotherhood that spend most of their time maudlinly whining, cajoling, berating and otherwise demeaning all religions like they actually have some valiant and noble agenda. They are the people who will never see it for what it is; just another bully group. Another form of KKK. Oh, sure, they can profess an imaginary good they are doing by addressing all the wrongs that have been done in the name of religion, but the truly intelligent individual, especially TRUE atheists, can see through the elementary schoolyard bully mind-set that really drives their directive. They lick themselves all over and purr their satisfaction at finally having a vehicle by which they too can finally foster and foment hatred and discontent and now all is well with the world they truly have always held in contempt and felt divorced from.

Truly, I find them to be a snotty, self-important and narcissistic bunch of candy-asses who could only find self worth by joining in the quasi-religious dogma they make a hobby of decrying as anathema. Church.

Welcome one and all to the United Church of Neo-atheism.

The United Church of Neo-atheism.

George Yesthal

Brodheadsville, United States

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