A Passing Thought on the Odd Zombie Phenomenon

I write political commentary and have been accused of harboring a conspiracy theorist’s bent. The fact is, the deeper I dig the more profoundly assured I become that my suspicions are founded in at least some fact. The threads are so twisted into and firmly imbedded in historical fact that the more I research, the more undeniable they become.

I firmly believe the most powerful factions of wealth and politics that have effectively mutated the U.S. from a democratic republic into a plutocratic oligarchy such as the Bilderburg group, Monsanto Corporation, Freemasons and families such as the Rothschilds, Soros’ and Rockerfellers are plotting some form of global subjugation and takeover concerning deliberate depopulation as the vanguard of their intentions. I firmly believe the fact that, as blatant and obvious as it is, the common human being denies it and that this is exactly the desired outcome. It is this fact that has so much to do with the escalating zombie phenomenon.

It is undeniable that the media has been flooded with references and depictions of zombies for decades with exponentially increasing frequency that reflects the hopelessness so significant a percentage of our population is feeling. I have heard so many comments from others questioning the very oddness in this zombie fascination so that I have to conclude that it is not my imagination, but a blatant and deliberate exposure to the concept as an inuring effect to the hopelessness we feel. In other words, so we accept our fate with docile complacency. We tell ourselves, “It ain’t so bad; at least I don’t have some zombie chewing my face off…oh…well, some people do…”

Certainly our banking system, especially on the federal levels, are in a zombie state. The monetary and economic health has dried up and for all intents and purposes, died and is now feeding on the rest of us.

Look at our television programming. No matter what channel I choose, it’s going to be something I’ve already seen over and over and over. And then they make this hook of an announcement…“Tonight…an ALL NEW PAWN STARS…” Ooh…now we get all juicy because they’ve tossed us an “ALL NEW” bone.

We watch mindless television programming consisting of shows that claim to be historical or educational but actually present hillbillies in swamps and men sawing down the forests and fighting with each other to get it done; shows with hoarders, addicts, people who eat their couches and tampons and their hair, auction after auction and people who almost beat each other up at storage facilities to bid on the possessions of people who have lost them. There are two shows that I know of about repo guys (and gals) and at least one about a towing company. Come on, towing? Really? And this is the programming of channels with names like True TV, Discovery, History and The Learning Channel. Considering the subject hereof, it seems a bit redundant to comment on the networks.They have instilled in us an acceptance of bland sameness and a Pavlovian drool runs down our chins at the very mention of “ALL NEW”, when even with the cheesy programming of the ‘50s, they never repeated programming. Sure, the TV went off at midnight and all you could get was a test pattern , and if you had enough foil on the rabbit ears you MIGHT get eight or ten channels in good weather, BUT, you could depend on watching something you hadn’t seen before when you did turn on the tube.

NOW…Zombie programming. And it’s done on purpose, to get you and me used to flat sameness and low expectations.

The powers-that-be may be intentionally using the image of the zombie in all its necrotic, apocalyptic mindless power of hopelessness to foster in us a mind-set that will aid their takeover by engendering the preconceived expectation of what is inevitable. I have to believe that this is the current role of the zombie’s elevation to an almost omnipresent status.

Considering the very concerning invasion into life-sustaining elements such as food and water, these powerful factions may be, and most likely are, fomenting an environment in which we are increasingly vulnerable. We are dying zombie deaths from fluoridation, genetically modified foods, biologically altered bacteria and pathogens and an increasingly polluted ecology. We are subjected to mandatory toxic vaccines and irradiated and groped when all we want to do is travel from point A to point B. We are over taxed and underpaid and deplorably significant numbers of our population sleep in the streets and eat any and all manner of sustenance…garbage.

Commercials tell us that our car insurance tastes like soda pop and that we can control the world from a hand-held device. These commercials sell us the concepts that we can shop for our lovers online and crash our cars but it’s okay because we can simply pull another just like it right out of the trunk. If this isn’t a deliberate subliminal or even outright dumbing-down process, I don’t know what is.

We can’t get truth out of our news agencies because now, by law. corporations are “people” and as such can tell us anything under their constitutional right to free speech but our president who champions these rights is insulated by a “no-free-speech-zone” and we mindlessly do nothing about it.

And then of course there’s Nancy Pelosi.

Are the zombies on the TV or in the audience?

A Passing Thought on the Odd Zombie Phenomenon

George Yesthal

Brodheadsville, United States

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